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It can be a tricky thing, timing the servicing of your air compressor equipment. On the one hand, you know that servicing your air compressor will keep things running smoothly and help protect against breakdowns. On the other, there’s never a good time to switch the machinery off and allow the engineers to do their ‘thing’.

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That was the case for a client in Lincoln recently, who asked us to carry out a major service on a 55kw Hertz HSC55 air compressor. Their issue, however, was that they couldn’t afford the downtime caused by us arriving during a production period. So we timed the service to coincide with their lunchtime break.

We sent two engineers to ensure the work would be covered in the allotted time. As staff headed off for lunch they set to work, and as staff were returning to their stations our engineers were packing tools away, job all done.

It’s something the client really appreciated, because it meant that the service of the air compressor equipment didn’t cost them a moment of valuable production time.

Can we do the same for you? Ask us about air compressor servicing to suit your schedule on 0114 243 2347.

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