When my air compressor cuts-out, air escapes. Why?

Every air compressor has its cut-in and cut-out points to regulate pressure and ensure it keeps working safely. But when your system cuts out, you may notice escaping air and wonder where it’s coming from, and why.

The culprit is the unload check valve. This regulator kicks into action when the compressor cuts out, helping to vent air in the line between the pump head and the tank (around the compressor piston). Without the valve, trapped air could damage the compressor motor when it restarts, blowing a fuse or circuit.

Far from a problem, the unload check valve helps protect your air compressor and prolong its working life.

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It shouldn’t take long to vent the air from the compressor piston area, after which time the air should stop escaping. If it continues, there’s a problem, and you’ll need to contact your compressed air engineer.

If you have problems with your air compressor, talk to us on 0114 243 2347.

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Why isn’t my air compressor cutting out?

Somewhere in your air compressor, there’s a pressure switch. There are a few types, but essentially they all perform the same task. When the pressure in your compressor is too low, the pressure switch tells the compressor to kick in. When it reaches full pressure, the pressure switch is what makes the compressor motor cut out again.

At one end of the range the pressure switch ensures your compressor has a consistent pressure that enables it to perform. At the other end of the range it ensures the pressure doesn’t build to dangerous levels.

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So what does it mean if your air compressor never cuts out?

There are three likely explanations for this, and two result in the same answer: get your compressor serviced or repaired.

1. Continuous operation
Continuous operation air compressors are used where there’s a constant requirement for air, or where your compressor is likely to start and stop more than 12 times per hour. It’s important you know whether your air compressor is a continuous operation model because of what follows, so if you’re unsure, call us and check.

2. Failing to make pressure
A constantly running compressor could be a sign that it never reaches full pressure. That’s not dangerous – the pressure’s not high enough for that – but it could be damaging the quality of your finished products and it will definitely be causing significant wear – reducing the life of your air compressor.

3. Pressure build up
The alternative – and even more worrying possibility – is that pressure is continuing to build. Every air compressor has a pressure relief valve and if this is venting excess pressure in combination with a constantly running compressor (that’s not meant to run constantly) it’s a sure sign of trouble. Switch it off and call your compressed air engineers for repair.

Worse still, should the relief valve fail, you’ll be in a situation where the pressure continues to build with no release. That’s a potentially catastrophic scenario so it’s vital that someone in your operation is regularly monitoring your air compressors, and that you call for a repair when they identify a problem.

For air compressor supply or servicing, repair and maintenance, talk to Algar Air on 0114 243 2347.

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Should you choose variable speed air compressors?

Variability was always something the air compressor industry was keen to eradicate. After all, variable pressures and flowrates tend to add to production time and rework. So it seemed counter-intuitive that variable speed air compressors would ever make their mark in the compressed air sector. But actually, it makes perfect sense.

Traditionally, air compressors have been on or off. They’re either giving you 100% or they’re giving you nothing – there’s no middle ground. That’s dramatically different from, for example, your car which, in addition to ‘off’ or ‘full throttle’, delivers a range of power depending on how heavily you plant your foot on the accelerator.

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It’s a similar situation with a variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor, which can adjust its motor and elements to match the demand. That could be a big deal for organisations relying on air power, especially when 70% of an air compressor’s cost is energy. VSDs could cut air compressor energy consumption by 35%. And since there’s less requirement for compressors to run flat out, there should also be a corresponding improvement in lifespan.

There is a catch. Variable speed air compressors are more expensive than their simpler, more traditional counterparts. Yet those businesses that have used them find the additional cost is more than covered by the savings in energy costs.

So, is it time you made the switch? To discuss which air compressor system is right for your business talk to Algar Air on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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Could graphene save your air compressor?

You know graphene. It’s the flexible, carbon based material that’s 200 times stronger than steel, yet is just one atom thick (thereby also making it the world’s only 2D material). Now, researchers at the US’s Purdue University have developed a new type of non-liquid lubricant that uses graphene to reduce friction and wear.

As The Engineer reports, the lubricant’s applications range from missile systems to air compressors. Whilst we’re not any sort of authority on missile systems, the air compressor benefits look exciting.

“It [graphene] has superior thermal conductivity, high strength and provides ultralow friction,” said Vilas Pol, an associate professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University.

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Friction is a perennial problem in compressed air. It’s there in the motor bearings. And it’s present in every hose, nozzle, joint and connector as the molecules of compressed air rub against the metal or plastic around them.

Remove friction and you remove heat and wear. You also reduce the amount of oil required as a lubricant in many current compressed air systems. Which means graphene could be the key to improving air compressor performance and reliability, whilst removing the risk of oil contamination from finished products.

As graphene lubricants may be some years away from commercial air compressor application, talk to us about the compressed air system that’s right for your business. Call Algar Air on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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Air power

Last year, the global air compressors market was valued at $30.86 billion. Now, a new report predicts that by 2022 that figure will have grown to almost $39 billion. To put that in perspective, $39 billion is greater than the GDP of Morocco.

What’s driving the growth? Happily, the report by Zion Market Research and snappily titled “Air Compressors Market by Technology (Reciprocating, Rotary and Centrifugal) by Lubrication (Oil Filled and Oil Free) Market for Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Home Appliances, Energy, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Manufacturing and Others Application: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2016 – 2022” has some answers.

The sheer flexibility of air compressor equipment is what leads them to occupy a pivotal role in so many workspaces. The fact that a report into the market needs 43 words to describe itself gives just some indication of the range and variety of roles air compressors are playing across industry.

Until now, the report notes that rotary-type technology has dominated the air compressor market, but the survey suggests a shift towards centrifugal technology over the next few years. To find out more about why that may be, check our post on the advantages of centrifugal air compressors.

The report also looked at trends in compressor lubrication, where it discovered (unsurprisingly) that oil-free air compressors are the natural choice for industries such as electronic assembling, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals, where products need protection from contamination. Yet the oil-based air compressor market shows no signs of slowing and by the end of the reporting period in 2020 oil-based should still dominate the market.

Finally, the report explores sectors, with the largest growth areas for compressed air equipment to date having come from manufacturing – especially in boom territories such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America. For the future, the report suggests food & beverages will be the major compressed air growth segment, driven by a global move to improve food safety and health standards.

Want to talk about how your air compressor system could develop over the next few years? Call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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Air compressors in the dental industry

You know the value of air compressors to your dental practice. They power such a wide array of handpieces that it’s hard to imagine life without them, but if you’re looking at replacing your compressed air system – or thinking of switching to air power for the first time, there are a few things you need to consider.

Any old air compressor won’t do

Air compressors produce moisture as a natural by-product of squeezing all those air molecules together. Given that your business is built on hygiene, in-system water contamination is an absolute no-no. That’s why dental air compressors lower the ‘dew point’ of the compressed air, ensuring more moisture can be captured and removed by the inline filtration system.

Oil free is an essential

Another by-product of many air compressors is oil vapour. A little oil floating around the system matters little if you’re using your compressed air to inflate car tyres or power a workshop drill, but it’s a serious issue in dentistry.

That’s why the Dental Compressor Regulations require dental surgeries to only use “compressed air… generated by an oil free compressor with an integral dryer, internally coated air receiver and a breathing air and bacterial filter downstream of the compressor.”

   >  We’re trialling a new way of recycling oil that cuts waste and increases space.

The compressor’s not the only part that counts

A steady, reliable flow of air is essential for any dental tool, but it’s not just the air compressor that’s responsible for delivering that steady flow. Pipework, connectors, filters and the handpieces you use can all influence the consistency of the air flow.

That’s one reason why the regulations also require your pipework system to be free from leaks, located away from any potential damage, and with appropriate isolation valves.

Right size?

We don’t simply mean does your air compressor deliver the reliable air power you need now. What about the future? If you don’t want to be upgrading your air compressor every time you add new tools, it’s important to build some flexibility into your compressed air system. That means choosing not only the right air compressor, but the right receiver tank too.

Remember, an overworked system may produce a less reliable flow of air and could produce more moisture, compromising patient safety. For help in choosing the right compressed air system for your dental surgery, talk to us.

Ready to replace?

Like any component, air compressors don’t last forever (although regular servicing and maintenance can extend their life hugely). When an air compressor or its filters start to show their age, you may notice air pressure drop or become inconsistent. Over time, contaminants may begin to escape the filters and you should check for this regularly. Hold a mirror up to any air powered handpiece and switch it on. If any moisture, dirt or debris appears on the mirror surface, call a compressed air engineer.

Want help or advice about the compressed air system used in your dental surgery? Call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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What’s in Clara’s box?

Every now and again you find yourself being challenged to tackle projects that don’t quite fit the compressed air mould. Often, we find that’s because our clients trust us to tackle all sorts of projects. So what begins as a relationship all about compressed air, gradually becomes something broader.

Take Clara’s box. We had a call from a client who manufactures orthotics and prosthetics. They’d just taken delivery of a crate and were eager to open it and get the contents installed. But whilst they were keen for us to get the contents of “Clara’s box” (as it quickly became known – Clara was the Orthotic Clinician) up and running fast, we remained a little unclear as to what we’d find when we got there.

Undeterred, our engineers prioritised the job and swiftly headed off to the client. When they arrived, they found the box contained pieces of a ramp. It may not have had the remotest connection to compressed air, but it was needed urgently, because the client wanted to use it to test its prosthetic legs and feet.

As we were told, it’s one thing for a disabled person to test drive their artificial legs/feet on the flat; it’s quite another to be able to navigate hills. The ramp would enable them to do that, and there was a fitting due imminently.

So our engineers unloaded the ramp and installed it ready for its first use.

Challenge us to install your compressed air system. Or challenge us to install something else entirely. Talk to the ever-flexible engineers at Algar Air. Give us a call on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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“I don’t suppose you could…?”

Working with compressed air requires a wide range of skills from our engineers. In many ways, understanding air compressors and air flow is just the start of a skillset that also includes electrical engineering, plumbing, fabrication and more. So it’s hardly surprising that when our clients are faced with an engineering task they don’t quite know how to resolve, they tend to call us.

That was the case recently, when a client who operated a steelworks called to ask whether we’d be able to modify their small cutter. Our engineers went to investigate.

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The first thing that hit them was that steelworks operate on a different level of scale when it comes to describing their equipment. It may have been their small(er) steel cutter, but to any other business it would still have been considered vast.

The cutter was ageing, and that had given the client two options: modify it, to modernise the unit and make it more user friendly. Or replace it. The difference in cost amounted to tens of thousands of pounds.

That’s why, right now, the unit is sat in our workshop, getting some much needed TLC and a significant base unit modification that should keep it fit for purpose for plenty more years.

Have an engineering challenge and don’t know who to ask for help? Give us a call on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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A new approach to oil recycling

Work in the compressed air industry and you’ll find oil is a double-edged sword. We need it to lubricate machinery. But at the same time, oil in the pipes of your compressed air system can compromise performance and damage your finished products. It’s fair to say that much of our time is spent eradicating oil from compressed air systems.

If you’ve ever had problems with your compressed air installation, you may know all about the disruptive power of oil. But once it has been removed from the system and you’re back up and running, you probably don’t consider what happens to the oil we remove.

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What happens is this: we have to store it, and then dispose of it. Traditionally, we store oil in 20 litre cans, which take up a lot of floorspace. Some are full and awaiting collection, but they’re heavy to transport, costly to dispose of and complicated to recycle. Others are empty and waiting to be filled. In either case they’re still gobbling up valuable room that could be used for something better.

So we were delighted when one of our suppliers came up with a way of replacing the can. Right now, we’re trialling a new ‘wine box’ for our waste oil. Like a wine box, it’s a simple cardboard container that houses a liner into which the oil is poured. In the workshop, empty boxes weigh practically nothing and take up far less space than empty cans.

Once full, they’re lighter and easier to transport, and simpler (and cheaper) to dispose of.
It’s a switch that makes it easier for us to meet our environmental obligations, and one that helps us keep costs down for our clients.

To find out more about the environmental considerations of installing or maintaining a compressed air system, please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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Fixing the factory fans

The thermometer in our workshop was nudging 30°C last week – most definitely not the time for the fans that keep your workforce cool to shudder to a halt. But that’s what happened for one local manufacturer, who saw temperatures on the factory floor start to spiral and the workforce start to wilt.

The fact that our Sheffield electricians were able to get to the factory in question fast, diagnose the problem and fix the fault was a godsend. But as the fans started spinning again, their work wasn’t finished.

   >  What to do if your equipment needs a service

One of the engineers was grabbing a quick drink from the water cooler when he noticed a build-up of limescale. Left unchecked, he knew that the water would gradually turn cloudy and taste tainted – and potentially lead to blockages, restricted flows and breakdowns. So the engineers contacted the manufacturer to organise clean-out kits, so the units could be returned to their former glory supplying crisp clean water.

This isn’t an unusual situation. Whether we’re installing a compressed air system, wiring up a new piece of equipment or fixing the pipework, if we spot an additional problem that needs fixing, we’ll fix it.

If you’re a business looking for a South Yorkshire electrical engineer you can rely on to go the extra mile, call us on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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Water, water everywhere?

Forklifts have a habit of bumping and denting walls and racking. But one local door manufacturer was particularly unlucky when their forklift caught and punctured a main waterline. Cue a major leak that swiftly brought the workshop to a standstill.

The real problem (aside from the unwanted indoor water feature) was that every passing minute was another minute of production lost. So the customer needed more than a callout; they needed a really speedy response. And when they called Algar Air, that’s exactly what they got.

Decades spent installing air compressor equipment has meant that our engineers are also qualified electricians and plumbers, with huge experience in pipework. So it wasn’t simply the fact that our engineer was on site within minutes that the customer really appreciated. It was that fact that the required repairs were completed within half an hour.

Water and pipework problems that need fixing fast? Call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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A last minute compressed air installation

It’s enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. We were called by a roller shutter door company recently and asked for urgent help. A new washer, dryer and spray booth unit was due for delivery the following week, but our customer had spotted a major problem. Their existing piston air compressor didn’t have the capacity to supply the company’s new machinery.

Without the problem being rectified – and fast – they would need to rearrange the equipment’s commissioning, and that would mean heavy charges, lost time and lost production.

The solution wasn’t an easy one either. Delivering a compressed air system that could supply dry air to all the company’s equipment wasn’t simply a matter of switching a smaller air compressor for a larger one.

Instead, our engineers had to pull out all the stops, installing a full package including a 10HP air compressor, refrigerant dryer, 500 litre air receiver and connecting it all via 169m of 1” pipework.

With the clock ticking, our compressed air engineers worked long days to get everything completed on time. We even sourced and supplied second hand air compressor equipment to save the client money too!

Before you buy that new piece of air-powered machinery, check you have the compressed air to feed it. If you don’t, we’re ready to help. Please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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A sawing success for sheffield snooker!


There was a lot of excitement around the office last week as we received a phone call from Sheffield Theatres to say that one of their Saw had gone down and they needed it fixing urgently. We’d have to work around the Snooker World Championship matches that were being held in Sheffield’s Crucible.  Our engineer shot straight down to check over the Unit, tracing the wiring from the Distribution Board to the Isolator and finding a faulty 25amp Overload Relay. On his return visit with the replacement part he was on his way down to the ‘Green Room’ to grab a coffee when he stopped to where he was collared by an “Excuse me – are you allowed in here?” He turned around to find that it was the one and only STEVE DAVIS! Haha they had a good chat and he obviously explained his presence! They walked down to get coffee together where he then met Shaun Murphy as he was about to start playing. He wished him good luck and shook his hand. Star struck and coffee in hand he went back and got the Saw back up and running.



Here’s Stephen Algar carrying out a 20,000 Hour Service on an Avelair 7VSD75 Air Compressor, changing the Air and Oil Filters, Separators and Oil. We also include checking over and re-tensioning the Drive Belts; checking over all electrical and pipework connections; cleaning out Cooler; generally cleaning down and inspecting machine, running-up and testing. We service all sizes of Air Compressors. Give us a call for a quote!

Factory Extraction

We are pleased to offer our customer’s other services; this month we supplied and installed bespoke Extraction Plenum Chambers for Glue and Solvent work, Extracting to outside of building through Filters. After various consultations with the customer and ourselves we pinned down the exact requirements to suit the customer’s needs for their new department and the correct spec for dealing safely with flammable/toxic gases. We then put together a package that serviced their needs exactly and they now have a non-toxic environment for their staff to work in.

Out with the Old and in with the new….

After years of servicing a local Sheffield Steel Firm, looking after their old Broomwade V Major Air Compressors; they have decided to retire them and replace them with brand new Rotary Screws. We are supplying a Hertz Kompressoren Compressor package comprising of 2 off 55kw Rotary Screw Fixed Speed Air Compressors and 1 off 55kw Variable Speed Air Compressor complete with Controller. To follow is an introductory video to Hertz Kompressoren.

Can you service me?

The core of our business is servicing and we are pleased to say we service all types of Air Compressors from small Piston Industrial Air Compressors 1.5kw upto 7.5kw on manufacturers like ABAC, Clarkair, Fiac, Fini, Nuair, SIP Industrial, for example. For the Larger Screw Industrial Air Compressors from 4kw to 160kw on manufacturers like Atlas Copco, Avelair, Broomwade, BOGE, Compair, Demag, Fluidair International, Grassair, Hertz Kompressoren, HPC, Hydrovane, Ingersoll Rand, Smart. We can develop a servicing schedule to suit your working environment and the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule.

Algar Air also supply a wide range of Gas Compressors / Blowers including Boosters for all types of power generation (this includes the usage of Natural Gas & Landfill Gas.)

Savvy Customer’s fight the rate in Crime!

September also saw Algar Air carrying out a major electrical works for our Customer who manufactures Bespoke Doors and Screens;

  • We replaced the old double light fittings in 2 of their workshops and fitted 32 extra lights including Trunking, Cable and associated Fittings.
  • We also installed 6 off power points above main centre doors on both sides for their CCTV cameras, running 2.5mm, 3 core, SWA Cable back to the Fuse Boards and installed CCTV Cameras.
  • Cleaned and replaced low bay lamps where required in all Units/Workshops.

Suction for the NHS?

We are proud to be working with a local NHS Unit to assist with the design and installation of a new orthotics manufacturing room. Working closely with the specialist specifications of the NHS we produced a proposal designing and building a 6 Station Vacuum Rig with Isolation Valves & Drain Legs complete with the Vacuum Pump and Filtration.

New Projects/Contracts for our Customers!

Expansion is on the cards for a Joinery Customer after winning a large contract for Bespoke Doors. It’s always a pleasure to supply new equipment but even more so when it’s due to a company being able to expand. This company assisted by Finance organised for a 11kw/15HP Air Compressor giving 60cfm at 7.5bar on a 500 litre Air Receiver complete with Fridge Dryer, Pre And After Filters and a separate Oil/Water Separator. Working with their schedule of expansion we had the Compressor to them on a 2-3 week delivery, installed it on arrival and they have never looked back since.

That nightmare moment!

We’ve all had that nightmare moment when you’re desperate to complete a job and something fails on you. In this case, a new Customer made contact when their Air Compressor had stopped working. As a Garage, they needed to use their pneumatic tools and blow up tyres everyday so we soon arrived on site with our hire compressor to get them back up and running. This gave us time to weigh up the option for replacement, taking into consideration the location of the compressor (environmental conditions & proximity to staff) and application. We provided them with three options. We soon had an order and a 4kw Air Compressor was supplied and installed within a few days. We’ve now added this customer to our servicing schedule and will be back in touch with them in due course. This is part of our commitment to our customers to be your memory! You never need to remember when your compressor is due for servicing – we’ll do that for you.

Spring Time and new beginnings.

We welcome onboard 2 new major customers, one a Large Quarry and the other a Large Metal (Steel & Chrome) Processor.

The first, providing them with a new Compressed Air System including a 30kw Variable Speed Air Compressor complete with a 5 Year Warranty (subject to terms & conditions). The Variable Speed option uses a special drive to control the speed (RPM) of the unit, which in turn saves energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent. Depending on the application the use of a VSD Air Compressor can save a factory a considerable sum in electricity costs.

The second, removing some existing ½” pipework using our IPAF qualified pipework engineers and installing a new 1” pipework as required. Followed by Servicing of their Air Compressors and assisting with Insurance Inspection of said equipment.

11th – 28th Overhaul on 30kw Screw Air Compressor

Ever wondered what is involved in an overhaul? Here is an example. The work to follow was carried out at a National Waste Recycle Plant.

To carry out remedial work required on the 30kw Air Compressor. To disconnect and remove the Air Compressor from its location; including disconnecting pipework & electrics; removing the internal ducting from the Air Compressor & 2nd Atlas Copco Air Compressor and also removing end of Metal Compressor House. To install 1 off Hire-In Air Compressor. To transport Compressor back to our workshop for repairs, stripping down Compressor at our workshop, removing Airend, Motor and Cooler from Cabinet and prepare for transportation. To industrially clean Cooler. To split, clean out, rebearing and re-seal Airend. To inspect and rebearing Motor. To carry out major service changing Oil, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Separator, Suction Box and Check Valve Seals and Springs, checking all electrical connections and cleaning out Cabinet. To reassemble Air Compressor with Motor, Cooler and overhauled Airend,. To clean down and inspect machine, run-up and test. To transport Air Compressor back to site.

TLC for an old V-Major!

February the month of love, well, one of the 90kw Air Compressors at a Refractory Manufacturer has certainly had plenty of TLC. Our engineers carried out remedial work to the Air Compressor as it was reported to not be working correctly, checking over Compressor, we found the HP side had flamed out, stripping Unit for further inspection, finding Non Return Valve not working, Valves broken, Piston Rods, Piston Rings and Packings worn, all reported back to our customer for approval of remedial work to start.

We measured up Cylinders, Piston Rods and Crossheads to make sure tolerances were within limits and transported Piston Rods & Piston Heads back to our site for re-chroming. (stripping off seized Piston Rods for HP and LP Pistons, cleaning off Carbon and polishing Piston Heads, removing Rings and re-chroming.)

Then the engineers returned to install re-chromed Piston Rods. To cut Piston Rings to size and install Pistons with correct clearance settings. To install Oil Scrapers, Packings, Piston Plate Cover Kits, Big-End Nuts, Bolts and Washers, all associated Gaskets and Seals and grinding out ridges in Cylinders. To install LP Head, finding HP Head blocked, attempting to clean on-site, unable to clean. To transport HP Head back to our Chemical Cleaning Specialists to chemically clean, polish out air ways and water ways. To collect HP Head, transport back to site, install HP Head and full set of Valves complete with Coppers and Rubbers. To remove NRV Unit, cleaning out and installing new Valve, cleaning out sight glasses, running-up and testing.

New Year – New Compressor!

This month we have supplied a Printing Firm with a brand new 30kw Air Compressor ready for them to tackle the new challenges that this year will throw at them.

Installation of New Ring Main

Due to the Major relocation of a Percussive Down Hole Rock Drilling equipment Manufacturer, our engineers have had 2½ months of on-site co-ordination; seeing the completion of a Large Scale Compressed Air Pipework System with over 299 metres of 2” & 1” Galvanised pipe and working with all on-site Contractors to maintain efficiency and customer output during a difficult manufacturing period. We have supplied hire equipment when required and connected up machinery as and when it had been transported to the new works.


Compressed Air Engineering isn’t all we supply to our customers –for instance, we have had manufactured, per our specification, Lamination Booths for the process of Chemical Carbon Fibre Products complete with Filtrations, for use at an Orthotics Specialist.

Good news – Companies still expanding despite recession.

We were pleased to see that our long standing customer, who produces Posters to be supplied all over the world, has bought new premises to accommodate their ever expanding business. We have put together a new Compressed Air System comprising of 15kw Air Compressor, suitable Refrigerant Dryer complete with Pre & After Filters to cool the air and remove moisture/contamination and an Oil/water Destroyer to deal with the condensate. All the Compressed Air Equipment is now installed by our first class engineers. Good job boys!

Check out this package!

One of our new Packaging Customers this month has taken a full Compressed Air System package from us; we have supplied and installed an 18.5kw Screw Air Compressor producing 110cfm complete with 500 Litre Air Receiver/Tank to store the Compressed Air, Refrigerant Dryer @ 120cfm to remove the moisture including Pre and After Filtration and an Oil/Water Destroyer to deal with the condensate from all of the drains. Good luck to them on their expansion!

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!

This month we have completed a major re-location of Compressed Air Equipment for a Customer of ours who pride themselves on producing precision machined components.

Predominantly supplying to the petrochemical power generation, aerospace and construction industries. As experienced Compressed Air Engineers we were able to manage every step of the relocation work required; supplying the 10ft Steel Container (the new Compressor House); installing 1” pipework from the Ringmain to the new location within the 10ft Steel Container ready for the Avelair Air Compressor and installing Ducting for the ventilation of the exhausted warm air coming from the Air Compressor with weather Louvre to allow Cool air to the Air Compressor.