Why have I got water in my system?

The compressed air leaving your air compressor is normally around 65°-75°C. It contains a lot of water vapour and once that comes into contact with pipework/air tanks etc it cools rapidly and turns back into a liquid water. To dry the air we would recommend installing a refrigerant dryer and filters to remove the majority of the water from the compressed air.

If you already have a refrigerant dryer and filters but there’s still lots of water in the system, it’s worth checking that the dryer is switched on. Sounds obvious (and it is obvious) but it’s amazing how many callouts we’ve been to where this has been the simple solution.

Otherwise the filters will need checking for blockages and/or the gas in the fridge dryer may be low. To resolve the problem quickly, call our refrigerant engineer on 0114 243 2347.