Using Compressed Air Safely

Working safety with comp air cardAnybody who works with Compressed Air should know how dangerous it is. However if you have new staff or need a refresher BCAS offer a Working Safely with Compressed Air Course. Here’s a handy document¬†from BCAS listing the dos and don’ts.


“Air at 1 bar can ‘pop’ an eyeball from it’s socket”


For those who wish to use the compressed air to clean we offer a JetBlack BlowerJetBlack-Nozzle-OSHA-Nozzle-Assembly  which regulates the pressure to a safe level. This means that you can have worry-free compressed air for any de-dusting tasks.JetBlack-Wall-Mounted

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“0.25 Bar of air can rupture a bowel, lungs or intestine”

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