For temporary replacements, peak seasons and stop-gaps, there is an alternative to buying an air compressor.
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When your business can’t live without air power, you need air compressors you can rely on. Many of the businesses we work with have one or two core air compressors and then have (often older) backup models serviced and ready to go should a problem occur with one of the main units.

But some don’t. So if you don’t have a backup and your main air compressor fails, what do you do?


Air compressor rental with Algar Air

If your air compressor needs a complete overhaul, chances are it will be out of action for several days. That’s why, for some years now, we’ve been offering alternative air compressors on a short term hire to keep production moving when the main compressor is offline.

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Now, we’re expanding our air compressor leasing service, to help you cope not just with main compressor downtime, but also with peak season, rush jobs and any gap between an old compressor being decommissioned and a new compressor being installed.

So when a short term lease makes better economic and production sense than buying a brand new unit, rent air compressors from Algar Air.


To find out which rental units we have in stock right now, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Talk to us about air compressor hire

Air Compressor Hire

For one off jobs, peak period management or as a backup, hire air compressor equipment with Algar Air.

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