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Air Compressor Servicing

Flexible air compressor servicing to match the way you work

Flexible air compressor servicing to match the way you work

You know how vital your air compressor is to your business. So it makes sense to keep it in prime working order.

Since 1984, we’ve been helping businesses across the UK do just that. And because your business’ compressed air demands are different to any other, we tailor the servicing so it matches your business needs, your equipment and your budget.

Tailored service contracts

One size never fits all. That’s why our service contracts are built around you, with prices based on your compressed air system, its usage and the level of servicing you require.

Most contracts are for 1 or 2 years, but you can choose a servicing contract of up to 3 years. We’ll never recommend a service contract for more than you need – but we will ensure your package is sufficient to minimise breakdowns and protect business as usual.

Engineers, not salespeople

Not sure what air compressor equipment you’ve got or what level of servicing you need? Just ask. We’ll work with you to agree the right servicing strategy (annual, monthly or even weekly) to keep your facilities running.

And if you’d like to discuss your requirements in person, we’ll send an engineer (not a sales rep) to help you make the right decision, for free*

Then, when you sign up for an air compressor equipment servicing contract, we’ll contact you well in advance of each due service to arrange a convenient day.

Algar Air Engineers

*Engineer’s time and support is free –  please note that a nominal cost may be incurred for travel out of our area. If we can incorporate your visit into another client visit (we often can) no charge will be incurred.

Talk to us about your air compressor equipment servicing

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Air Compressor Servicing FAQs

Do you just service compressors?

No. We’ll service the entire system, including receivers, driers, separators and pipework if required.

Does my air compressor really need servicing?

Yes. Without regular servicing your compressor motor is likely to wear out faster than it would normally.

Pressure and moisture problems can be spotted early before they have a chance to become bigger (and potentially dangerous) issues. And efficiency can be maintained, so the compressor keeps delivering air with less waste. Regular servicing is an absolute must.

How often does my air compressor need servicing?

Servicing may be carried out at set intervals (e.g. every 12 months) but is more often based on operating hours.

3,000 hours is a typical servicing interval but every business will reach that interval at a different pace. Engineers may set the interval higher or lower on that depending on the type of compressor and its location.

A compressor with a cool, clean air supply may need servicing less regularly than one which may be exposed to hot or dirty air.

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Repairs & remedial work

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