Air Receivers

Air Receivers

BOGE Air Receiver
Air Receiver - SOLIDscrew 15BDR mounted compressor with dryer
NOBEL Air Receiver Mounted PS-V83CB92PWS480
Air Receiver Drain
Vertical Air Receiver

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If you’re working with compressed air, you’ll need an air receiver to store the air and act as a buffer between the compressor and the air tools. Choosing the right size of air receiver – one that’s capable of handling the variations in demand within your business – is essential if you’re to have all the compressed air you need, when you need it. Algar Air’s engineers can help you make the right decision.

Our compressed air receivers are available independently as one-off purchases, or as part of a broader compressed air installation package.

Standard new compressed air receivers range from 50 to 5000 litres, and you can take advantage of our bespoke design service to ensure your air receivers are a tailored match for your current and future business requirements.

All the air receivers we supply are made to BS5169 and are supplied with safety valve, auto drain (to remove condensate from the receiver automatically) and a test certificate.

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Air Receivers - You know you need an air receiver, but do you know which one? Ask the experts

Air Receiver FAQs

What does an air receiver do?

An air receiver is effectively a storage tank for air.

It’s an important component of your compressed air system because it helps the compressor manage peaks and troughs in demand.

When demand is relatively low, the air sits in the receiver until it is called into use again.

Why are some receivers mounted on the air compressor?

It’s simply a matter of space saving. You’ll find smaller (up to 26kW (approx.)) compressors are regularly supplied as a single unit which takes up a smaller footprint within your workspace.

Do I really need an air receiver?

Technically you could attempt to operate a compressed air system without an air receiver, but it wouldn’t operate very efficiently. Here are three reasons why:

  1. A receiver tank helps the system manage fluctuations in demand. Without it, the compressor would have to work much harder as loading and unloading cycles increase. That would increase wear, operating costs and the risk of breakdown.
  2. If you run multiple stations from your compressed air system, there may be times when all tools are in operation at once, and times when only one or two are. An air receiver with the correct capacity is the only way to ensure there’s always enough air power within the system to meet demand.
  3. Moisture is a natural by-product of compressing air and the receiver acts as a sump to capture that moisture. It’s why you’ll find a drain valve in every receiver. Without a receiver, the water would have nowhere to go but into filters or out of the air tool, which would quickly clog your inline filtration and damage end products.
What size air tank do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, allow 10-15 litres for each litre/second of compressed air required. Specific requirements, however, vary depending on your peak demand, required flow and pressure and the type of air compressor you’re using. To find the right air receiver for you, talk to us.

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