Case Study – Mincon

A new compressor house for Mincon

Mincon's New Compressor House

Once, Mincon’s compressor was a regular source of callouts. But with a new compressor house tailored to its needs, the company now has a home suitable for a brand new compressor – and a compressor with a brand new level of reliability.

The Client

Since 1977, Mincon has specialised in the design, development, manufacture, and service of hard-rock drilling solutions for applications around the world. For mining, construction, quarrying, geothermal energy and more, Mincon is proud to be “the driller’s choice”. The company has factories around the world, including a base at Sheffield on the banks of the Don.

The Challenge

Air compressors need a constant supply of relatively cool, clean air. In a warm environment, a compressor can overheat, resulting in production downtime. Without clean air, compressor filters can become clogged, placing increased stress on the motor which can trigger breakdowns.

Mincon was struggling with both issues which had caused numerous breakdowns over a number of months. Production had outgrown the compressor’s capacity, which was at the heart of the problem, but that meant there was less incentive to install ducting or place the compressor in a more suitable position until the company was able to replace the compressor.

For a time, that had left an overworked compressor in direct sunlight and without ducting. Effectively, the compressor was already in a state of overheat because of the demands placed on it. Its position in full sun increased the heat. Then the lack of ducting enabled hot, dirty air from around the compressor to be sucked back into it.

Small wonder it broke down so often.

Our response

Fortunately, Mincon took steps to fix the problem for good. They brought a shipping container onto site that would function as the compressor house and asked us to fit it out. In went ducting, electrical (including lighting) and pipework to ensure the compressor would have the power and clean air it needed. The enclosed but airy space resolved the direct sunlight problem.

Then, we installed and commissioned a new variable speed Boge 40 kW compressor. By the end of the project, Mincon had a new compressor in a fully functional compressor house – and repeated breakdowns have become a thing of the past.

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Mincon's New Compressor House
Mincon's New Compressor House
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