Case Study – Jepson

Renovating Jepson’s compressor house

Renovating Jepson's Compressor House

Sheffield stalwart Jepson asked us to give their compressor a new (and considerably safer) home.

The Client

Jepson & Co is the UK’s oldest number plate manufacturer, producing plates and signs since before cars were on the UK’s roads (1894, in case you were wondering). Based in Sheffield, today the company is a leading supplier of plates and number plate kits to the motor industry.

The challenge

Jepson & Co’s air compressor had been sited on an aging mezzanine which had some safety challenges. Compounding the problem, getting to and from the compressor meant navigating a number of potential trip hazards.

Conscious of its obligations to staff, Jepson asked us to renovate the compressor house, creating a much safer and far more spacious location for the compressor.

Our response

To remove the mezzanine, first we needed to remove the air compressor that sat on it. Once relocated, we were able to dismantle the mezzanine, creating the space that would enable the compressor to occupy its new position.

With the compressor safely installed in its new location, we added a dryer and filters, and rewired the installation to suit Jepson & Co’s long-term needs. As you can see from the images on this page, the compressor house is now a compact but fresh and clean environment that’s free from hazards. It gives the compressor the clean air it needs, and Jepson & Co staff room to manoeuvre safely.

Russell Cox, Jepson & Co HSE Manager said: “Jepson & Co Ltd have used Algar Air as our main contractor to look after our compressed air systems for many years. This job entailed moving our two compressors and associated equipment to a more suitable position to allow for safer access and egress around the equipment for staff, maintenance and inspection teams. Movement to ground level also means we can now eliminate the need for working at height.

“We have always found Algar Air staff to be prompt, reliable, courteous, and safe whilst working on site. Records and servicing requirements are always maintained and carried out in a timely manner, which helps us in maintaining our statutory duties.”

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Renovating Jepson's Compressor House
Renovating Jepson's Compressor House
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