Our compressed air installation for Hird Rail Development is being applied to a world leading joint system.

Oil & water separator

You may not think about it as you travel Britain’s rail network, but the rails on which you’re travelling all need connecting. That’s the job of a fish plate or joint bar, a rectangular metal plate which is bolted to two connecting pieces of track. But traditional fishplates have a problem – they rarely last as long as the rails to which they are connected, and replacement means cost, time and often passenger inconvenience.

Hird Rail Development believed they could produce a better quality and standard of insulated fishplate than the one they were being supplied with, so they began a process of sourcing different steels, epoxy liners and glues to create fish plates that were then subjected to the strength tests required to meet UK and Dutch rail standards. After years of development and 15 million cycle tests, the result is a joint that has withstood more cycles than any other competitor, a joint designed to last as long as the rails it connects. Hence its name: STB, or Simply The Best.


The air power behind STB

Proving a concept is one thing. Manufacturing to the volumes and standards required is another. That’s why Hird Rail contacted Algar Air to develop a compressed air system capable of powering the manufacturing processes at its Doncaster plant.

At the heart of the system is a Boge C25 oil lubricated screw compressor. It’s a natural choice for when large volumes of compressed air are required, packing huge efficiency and quiet running into a surprisingly compact compressor.

With air receiver, dryer and oil separator, the system is enabling Hird to produce a fish plate designed to suit all European sleeper spacing configurations.

Talking about the project, Wayne Broadhead, Project Manager at Hird Rail Development said, “I’d like to thank Algar Air for their co-operation and professionalism during and after the installation of the compressor in our new factory at Lakeside, Doncaster. Extremely helpful staff and prompt service.”


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