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Factory air compressor pump system

There’s no getting away from it, your compressed air system is going to generate water – it’s a natural and inevitable by-product of squeezing air molecules together. Air can collect at virtually any part of the compressor system, including in the tubes and at the air tool itself, but the most common area for moisture to collect is in the air receiver (the tank).


Why is moisture a problem?

Water in the compressed air system is a problem for two reasons. First, it can become a contaminant, affecting the products you’re trying to create using compressed air. In foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, or in precision work like dentistry or paint spraying, adding water to the mix can cause problems.

The second problem caused by water in the system is corrosion. Left undrained, water in your air receiver can corrode the tank from the inside out, risking greater contamination problems and, ultimately, system failure. Your compressed air system simply won’t generate the required pressure when there’s a rusty hole in it.

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Leave your air compressor undrained for so long that the tank fills with water and you’ll no longer be pumping air round your system; you’ll be pumping water.


Draining the water

There is a simple solution to the problem of water in the air receiver and that is to drain it. We would recommend draining the tank once a day.

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Draining is a simple process. You’ll find a drain valve on the tank, usually (although not always) at its lowest point. The drain may look like a screw or a ring pull. Pull or screw open the valve to its fullest extent to allow all the water (and trace oil and other contaminants) to drain out. Once fully drained, remember to replace the valve.


If there’s a likelihood that draining will be forgotten, talk to us about installing an auto-drain system that can ensure your compressed air system gets the frequent and regular draining it needs. Call us on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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