Air Compressor Ducting

We’ll create a ducting system that protects your compressor, production & the working environment

Clean air to keep your compressor cool

When you’re installing a compressor, it’s not just the air that reaches your air tools that’s a major consideration. The air that is sucked into and discharged from the compressor also needs to be taken into account.

Inlet air needs to be clean. It also needs to be cool, but it can’t be so cool that it freezes because that would cause havoc with condensed moisture in the system. Exhaust air is hot, so it’s important to ensure air vented by the compressor isn’t sucked straight back into the system as the compressor will overheat. So how do you separate hot air from cold, and maintain the right balance to keep your compressor working effectively? With ducting.

Ducting ensures hot air is driven away from your compressor, and that cool, clean air is fed to it. It helps keep the air that feeds your compressor free from contaminants. It helps reduce motor wear. And it helps ensure your compressor can keep doing its job reliably for longer.

Since 1984, Algar Air’s experts have been creating better environments for air compressors to work more effectively, with ducting system design and installation.

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Compressed air ducting

Ducting FAQs

Does ducting really matter?

In larger compressed air systems, yes, absolutely.

Without ducting, there’s a much greater risk that inlet air will be too hot or contaminated, and exhaust air won’t be expelled. Both could lead to early motor wear and increase breakdown risk – and both could cost you in terms of production.

Why is my compressor room so hot?

The exhaust air from your compressor can’t escape the room. That will be uncomfortable for anyone working in the immediate space, but it also risks overheating your compressor.

My ducting is old, battered and I can see gaps between the compressor and the duct. Is that a problem?

Yes. Gaps mean leakage and leakage either means warm exhaust air will be escaping and could be sucked back into the compressor or that inlet air is escaping, forcing the compressor to work harder to suck in the clean air it needs. Both could be placing undue pressure on the motor, increasing the risk of a breakdown. Repair or replace the ductwork.

Do I need an outdoor inlet?

No. Outdoor inlets are used in many countries but aren’t suitable for locations subject to any freezing temperatures.

Where is the best place for us to intake and vent air?

Every workplace is different.

Talk to us on 0114 243 2347 and we’ll create a ducting system that protects your compressor, production and the working environment.

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