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There’s no one single way to improve the energy efficiency of your air compressor. Whilst it may be tempting to assume that buying new equipment is the only way to achieve efficiency savings, in reality there are lots of other low and no-cost measures that can have just as great an impact. Amongst those measures is optimising the air your compressor uses in the following ways:

Temperature: Air temperature matters in an air compressor. The warmer the air the denser it becomes and the greater the energy required to compress it. Keeping the intake air cool gives an immediate boost to your compressor, although it’s important to ensure you strike the right temperature balance. Cool is good. Freezing definitely isn’t.

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Humidity: Your average air compressor produces plenty of moisture on its own without compounding the problem by sucking moist air into the system too. Once within the system, moisture damages efficiency by causing pressure drops and increasing the energy required to push heavy, moisture-laden air around. And that’s before we get to the increased risk of rust, leaks, reduced storage capacity and damage to the products being manufactured or finished. Place a dehumidifier near your compressor intake to help alleviate the issue.

Clean air: The quality of the air entering the compressed air system can have a direct effect on the energy consumption of the compressor. Contaminant-filled air requires greater energy to compress. And it clogs filters faster, reducing airflow and increasing pressure drops (which usually leads to the operating pressure being increased, which consumes even more power).

The siting of the compressor is critical to ensuring a supply of clean air. On a dirty, dust filled manufacturing floor, the compressor may benefit from its own screened area which limits exposure to contaminants. There is a balance to be struck. Selecting a clean, discreet area some distance from the production area could replace dirty air problems with pressure drops caused by the compressor’s distance from the point of use. Talk to an expert about the optimal siting of your compressor.

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