When the air compressor(s) in your Doncaster business develop problems, you need things fixed fast. But there are some steps you can take yourself to troubleshoot your air compressor problems.

Issues can vary depending on the type of air compressor and its application, but here are some common issues and solutions:

My Doncaster air compressor won’t start

Could be signs of a problem, or may simply be a safety cut out. Check the compressor is plugged in and that any electrical cut-out hasn’t tripped. If it has, reset it. If your Doncaster air compressor has a readout, check it for error messages. If there’s an emergency stop on your compressor, ensure it has been reset.

If the above don’t resolve the issue, an electrical issue is the most likely fault. Call us for help.

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The air pressure is low

Your air compressor is working, but it’s not producing its usual level of pressure. Check the pipework between your Doncaster air compressor and your air compressor tool. Look for leaks, particularly around connectors.

If you have filters installed and you can access them, check them to ensure they’ve not become clogged. Check the inlet valve is fully open.

Safety valve keeps blowing

When pressure is too high, it will trigger the pressure release valve. On the one hand, this is good news – it’s far better to have an operational safety release valve than a faulty one. But if it keeps happening, then there’s likely to be a problem with the pressure switch or its setting. You should be able to alter the pressure yourself. If the switch is faulty you’ll need a repair.

There’s water in the compressed air

The compressed air equipment in your Doncaster business will create water as a natural by-product of the compression process. But whilst you can’t stop water forming, you can prevent it either remaining in the compressor system (where it can cause wear) or damaging or contaminating the products you are manufacturing.

If you have them fitted, check filters and driers are functioning and clear of debris.

Expert advice and repair of your Doncaster air compressors

If the above troubleshooting tips don’t resolve the issue, our engineers can. Algar Air’s specialists have been helping business like yours in Doncaster and Yorkshire for more than 30 years. We’d love to help you.

For help, advice, installation, servicing and repair of your Doncaster air compressors, call us now on 0114 243 2347.

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