Inline Filtration

Inline Filtration

BOGE inline filtration equipment available at Algar Air
BOGE inline filtration equipment available at Algar Air
Talk to us about the filters that can help keep your compressed air flowing

Talk to us about the filters that can help keep your compressed air flowing

If your compressed air system is to perform at its best it needs clean air. Yet as most air compressors are on factory, garage and workshop floors, clean air can be tricky to come by.

Our air compressor filters protect your production lines and processes from contamination, removing everything from dust particles to fine oil vapour.

Because every business’ filtration requirements vary, so do our filters.

So whether you need carbon activated filters to scrub the oil from the air flow or clean air filters that conform to respiratory protection standard BS EN 529:2005, we’ll be able to help.

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Talk to us about the filters that can help keep your compressed air flowing

Inline Filtration FAQs

Why do air compressors need filters?

Every air compressor generates its own aerosol of water and/or oil vapour.

Many compressors operate in dusty environments. When that dust and vapour are sucked into your air compressor they can affect airflow, clog pipework, damage air tool performance and damage the end product.

Filters scrub contaminants from the air, keeping the air clean and contaminant-free.

What is inline filtration?
As the name suggests, inline filtration means that the filters are housed within the compressed air system rather than externally.
Do all air compressors need the same filtration?


If you’re using your air compressor to power a tyre inflator, for example, the chances are your air doesn’t need to be quite so clean as it would if you’re using the air to power a paint sprayer.

Where should the filter be?

It depends on the demands of the system.

A single central filter may be all you need (which would see the same filtered air supplied to every workstation).

Alternatively, downline filters installed close to end users could enable you to tailor the filtration levels to the demands of each workstation.

What’s the advantage of tailoring filtration levels?

There’s an airflow trade-off when it comes to filtration. A high level of filtration will reduce the airflow (because the air needs to pass through a powerful filter). A lower level of filtration will improve airflow, but will also let more impurities past.

Using a better quality filter is one way to mitigate the effects of this. Another is to tailor the filtration to the workstation, so the areas requiring the cleanest air have the highest levels of downline filtration.

Can you help us design our compressed air system?

Yes, and we’ll ensure the inline filtration is appropriate to your needs.

For more information, please call 0114 243 2347

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