Is It Safe to Buy A Used Air Compressor?

Is It Safe to Buy A Used Air Compressor?

Used air compressor equipment

It can certainly cost less to buy a second-hand air compressor. But is it safe?

For any business working to tight budgets, buying used compressed air equipment makes sense. For a reduced fee, you get the air power you need and, if you buy wisely, there’s no reason the compressor shouldn’t run and run.

But there’s a problem with buying used. Unlike a used car, for example, it’s often a lot harder to tell the difference between the smart buys and the ‘avoid at all costs’. So what can you do to ensure you make a good investment?

Check it starts: Obvious, but essential. Any used compressor worth its salt needs to start, reach pressure and not repeatedly cut out or trip the circuit.

Check the exhaust and filter: If you can, check they’re clean. If they’re not, it could be a sign that the compressor wasn’t regularly cleaned or maintained, or spent its time operating in a dirty environment, which could have caused increased wear.

Listen to it: Rattles and vibrations aren’t necessarily a serious issue. It could be a simple case of tightening a mounting. But it is worth listening for any loud noises that should at least cause you to question what the issue is.

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Air compressor installation service

Location, location, location: If you’re buying from a supplier like Algar Air you won’t see the compressor in its previous location, but if you buy direct from the previous owner you might. That’s your chance to check where the compressor was sited. You’re looking for a generously sized space with lots of room for exhaust heat to escape. A compressor that was forced to live in a tight, confined space is a compressor that will likely have sucked in more contaminants and have experienced greater wear.

Check the records:  Not every air compressor will come with a detailed log of maintenance although one that does should give you lots of reassurance that your money is safe. If you’re buying a second hand air receiver or a combined compressed air system which includes a receiver it must, by law, come with a valid test certificate. If it doesn’t, avoid as it’s illegal to use.

Is it safe to buy a used air compressor?

The challenge in buying a used air compressor is that signs of corrosion or ‘miles on the clock’ are likely to be hidden.

Carrying out the above checks may help to reassure you that your second-hand compressor is a worthwhile buy, but if you’re still uncertain we’d suggest one of three options:

  1. Walk away
  2. Get the compressor checked by a professional
  3. Only buy a used compressor from a professional
Used air compressor

Buying used compressors from Algar Air

Buying from Algar Air enables you to confidently do without all of the above checks, because we’ll already have done them (and lots more).

We won’t sell on a used compressor that we believe won’t last the distance. So if you want to be completely confident in your used compressor choice, choose it with us.

How much do used air compressors cost?

Costs can vary significantly depending on model and condition. The used compressors we have for sale change regularly, so get in touch to find the latest models and prices.

For the latest units we have in stock and prices, call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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