Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-Free Air Compressors

BAMBI Oil-Free Compressor range
Oil-Free Air Compressor MGF Dental Oil-Free Air  PureAir Open Frame with dryer 0.75 to 10kw
Oil-Free Air Compressor MGF Dental Oil-Free Air  PureAir Open Frame with dryer M-PR-OF400-090-MT
Oil-Free Air Compressor MGF Dental Oil-Free Air  PureAir Open Frame with dryer M-PR-OF100-024-M
Oil-free screw compressor SO_61-2_FW
Oil-free screw compressor BOGE SO_480
Oil-free piston compressors PO-6-L-(vlp)
Oil-free piston compressors PO_3_LTR
Oil-Free air compressor BOGE oil-free piston compressors K_8

Serious air power, contaminant-free. Discover oil-free compressors with Algar Air

What is an oil-free compressor?

Traditional air compressors are lubricated by oil that protects the pistons or rotors from wear.

Oil-free compressors may use water as a lubricant, or tough materials like carbon fibre piston rings, to avoid the need for oil. Without oil in the compressor, no oil can escape to contaminate the products you are manufacturing.

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Why Choose An Oil-Free Compressor?

Traditionally, the use of oil-free air compressors was dictated by application.

An oil-lubricated compressor would always run quieter, more efficiently and more reliably, but such compressors would inevitably release oil vapour which could contaminate products.

An oil-free compressor remains the essential choice when manufacturing the following:

• Pharmaceuticals
• Foods & beverages
• Electronics
• Chemicals
• Textiles
• Automotive (because a high quality paint finish depends on a contaminant-free supply of air)

Does having an oil free compressor help me meet food safe regulations?

In short, yes. Regulations place the burden on the manufacturer for proving that compressed air used for food and beverage manufacture is safe. Clearly, proving that will be far simpler when you use an oil-free air compressor than an oil lubricated one.

The British Compressed Air Society has produced the document Food & Beverage Grade Compressed Air Best Practice Guideline, which is a valuable resource for understanding your air compressor obligations (including oil and moisture control obligations) for compressor systems operating at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar.

For advice on the right compressor for your food manufacturing, talk to us.

Oil-Free In Other Applications:

Improvements in technology mean that oil-free is no longer the solution you choose only when you need to avoid contaminants.

Oil-free compressors are no longer the much louder option. Well-maintained, they can last as long as oil-lubricated compressors although it is true that regular maintenance is critical to ensure longevity.

In their favour, oil-free compressors are lightweight compared to oil-lubricated. They are ideal for cold conditions (where oil tends to clag) and there’s no need to maintain things like oil filters – because there aren’t any.

Why Algar Air?

Making the right choice of air compressor is critical for any business. We’ll ensure the compressor you choose is up to the tasks you have in store for it – and we’ll keep it running in prime condition.


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Oil-Free Compressor FAQs

Will you install my oil-free compressor?

Yes. Talk to us about installing:

Ducting – so your compressor has the clean air it needs to function effectively
Pipework – so your compressor can feed your air tools efficiently
Electrical – to ensure safe, reliable operation

Will you maintain my air compressor?

Yes. Maintenance is a critical element of maintaining the lifespan of every compressor, but that’s especially true of oil-free compressors which, by definition, don’t have the lubricating qualities of oil to help protect against wear.

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Oil-Free Air Compressors - Algar Air

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