Oil & Water Separators

Oil & Water Separators

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Expert help to stay environmentally compliant, protect your business & your reputation

Fail to meet your Condensate Drainage Regulations responsibilities and it won’t just be the water your business discharges that is contaminated. Reputations and business performance can be affected too.

Algar Air supplies the oil/water separators that ensure your compressed air system produces only clean waste. Our separators are available to buy independently as one-off purchases, or as part of a comprehensive compressed air installation package.

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Oil & water separator

Separator FAQs

What does the oil in my air compressor do?

Like all machinery, air compressors need a lubricant to keep moving parts moving smoothly. In most air compressors, that lubricant will be oil.

How does an oil/water separator work?

The separator is a tank which collects about 85% of the oil in your compressed air system via centrifugal force. The oil then drops it into a collector. The separator filter then collects any remaining oil vapour left in the system. it forms larger droplets which also fall into the separator.

Think of the separator as a sort of ‘sump’, trapping filtered oil whilst allowing the clean water to pass through and flow into drains.

We’ve fitted filters to our compressed air system. Why do we need a separator?

Think of it as the difference between the police and the police station cells.

The filter is like the police, capturing rogue oil before it gets up to no good in your compressed air system. But once captured, there needs to be a place to hold the oil. That’s the separator.

Why do we need to separate oil from wastewater?

Because it’s against the law to pour polluted wastewater into drains.

Fall foul of environmental regulations and you could face a fine of up to £20,000. But when you separate the oil from the water, you can pour clean wastewater into drains.

Do all compressed air systems need an oil/water separator?

Not all.

Oil-free air compressors – most often used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical production – don’t use oil so they don’t require a separator.

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