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The pipes that carry compressed air to your air tools are a crucial part of your compressed air system. Too narrow, too complex or poorly designed and they’ll cost you money and lose air power.

But with the right design you can improve power and efficiency and cut operating costs. That’s why, before our engineers clip a single pipe in place, we’ll work with you to design the system that will work harder for your business.

All our engineers are skilled pipe-fitters and experienced air compressor engineers. We believe that’s important because it means the pipework systems they install aren’t designed in isolation. They’re built to work perfectly with existing compressors and ring mains.

For small extensions to your existing system, pipework repairs, or full factory installations at any height

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All Algar Air engineers are CSCS certified and have operator certification for SL SPB platforms.

All our engineers are CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) certified

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Compressed Air Pipework FAQs

Why are my compressed air pipes hot?

When air molecules are squeezed together they create friction, and that creates heat. So by the time air leaves your compressor it’s already warm.

But if one section of your pipework is hotter than any other (and you’ll often find that’s the case at bends and angles) it means the air is having to work harder to navigate that section of pipework and creating friction (and heat) as a result.  That means you could be losing power, using more energy and causing additional wear on the compressor motor.

That’s why expert pipework design matters.

What is a compressed air branch line?

A compressed air branch line passes air along a single pipe, off which several branches feed individual air tools.

It’s the simplest option for small businesses with limited air power requirements.

I’m losing power somewhere in the pipework. Why?

It could be for several reasons. There may be a leak. The pipes could be too narrow. There may be kinks and knuckles in the system affecting air flow. In a large system an air compressor will inevitably lose a little efficiency in pushing the air around the distribution system. But it shouldn’t lose more than 10% of the compressor’s discharge pressure.

If you think your system is losing more than that, call us.

What is a compressed air ring main?

As the name suggests, the main pipe is a ring, with short connecting lines to each tool.

An efficient way to deliver air to numerous air tool stations with the added advantage that sections of the ring main can be shut off to enable maintenance, system expansion etc without shutting off the entire system.

Can my compressed air pipework be any length?

The longer the pipework the harder the compressor has to work (or the larger the air compressor you’ll need) to push air around it.

So for greatest efficiency and lowest operating costs, your pipework should be as long as is essential, but no longer.

That’s another reason expert pipework design matters. Talk to us about yours on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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