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Piston Air Compressor - NuAir Belt Drive
Piston Air Compressor - NuAir Belt Drive S-N5NY701FPS070-NB5-5
Piston Air Compressor - NuAir low noise silenced S-N5NT701FPS083-AIR-SIL2-NB5-5.5FT-270

High pressure, high durability & relatively low maintenance costs. Discover why a reciprocating air compressor might be your best choice.

What is a piston reciprocating air compressor?

Reciprocating air compressors use a piston to generate pressure by positive displacement. Air is drawn into the cylinder and ‘squeezed’ by the piston, increasing pressure.

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Why Choose A Reciprocating Compressor?

Reciprocating compressors have several benefits:

High pressure: Need to produce high pressures? A reciprocating air compressor will enable you to generate greater pressure than a rotary screw and will work more effectively where you need pressures above 150 psi.

High efficiency: You’ll typically get higher pressures for less energy with a reciprocating air compressor. That’s especially the case when the compressor isn’t in constant use. If you’ll need your compressor only intermittently, a reciprocating compressor may cost less to run.

Flexibility: Tank mounted. Base mounted. Oil lubricated. Oil-free. You have more choice with a reciprocating compressor.

Lower maintenance costs: You will find your reciprocating compressor needs more frequent maintenance than a rotary screw compressor, BUT each round of maintenance will be relatively low cost.

Why Algar Air?

Making the right choice of air compressor is critical for any business.

We’ll ensure the compressor you choose is up to the tasks you have in store for it – and we’ll keep it running in prime condition.


Talk to us about servicing & maintenance
Talk to us about servicing & maintenance

Piston Compressor FAQs

Do reciprocating air compressors only compress air?
No, they can be used to compress other gases.
Are reciprocating air compressors available oil-free?
Yes, oil-lubricated and oil-free versions are available.
Will you install my reciprocating air compressor?

Yes. Talk to us about installing:

  • Ducting: so your compressor has the clean air it needs to function effectively
  • Pipework: so your compressor can feed your air tools efficiently
  • Electrical: to ensure safe, reliable operation
Will you maintain my air compressor?

Yes. Whilst maintenance is relatively low cost with a reciprocating compressor, it is vital that your compressor is serviced regularly.

Talk to us about a low cost service plan.


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Piston Air Compressor - Nuair Low Noise Silenced Belt Driven - S-N1AT901FPS085-AIR-SIL3-NB10-10FT-SD

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