Refrigerant / desiccant dryers

Drier compressed air means lower operating costs, better finished products and longer lasting air compressors.

The combination of heating and cooling that is part of every air compression system results in condensation. That’s bad news for your business because moisture can damage the life of your air compressors, and the quality of the products you produce with them.

Refrigerant and desiccant dryers remove moisture before it has the chance to cause damage. Refrigerant dryers cool the air to 3°C, forming dew droplets that can be removed and discharged into the drain. Desiccant Dryers use ultra-absorbent materials to remove moisture to -70°C dewpoint.

Refrigerant / Desiccant Dryers

Choosing the right dryer for your business isn’t only a matter of deciding between refrigerant or desiccant. The dryer has to be capable of coping with the maximum air flow when the plant is running at full capacity. Talk to Algar Air’s engineers, and we’ll help you select the right type and size of dryer for your compressed air system.

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