Refrigerant & Desiccant Dryers

Refrigerant & Desiccant Dryers

Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air refrigerant
Refrigerant Dryer Range - Tundra
Refrigerant Dryer - Tundra 5I6A4104
Algar Air’s dryers help protect your product quality, protect your compressor & protect production
Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter air compressor
Refrigerated Dryer Air Treatment

Dry air means lower operating costs, better finished products & a longer lasting air compressor

The combination of heating and cooling that is part of every air compression system results in condensation.

That could be bad news for your air compressor because moisture can damage its working life. And it could be bad news for your products, because moisture could damage them too.

That’s why you need the right dryer.

Algar Air’s dryers help protect your product quality

Protect Your
compressor & protect

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Algar Air’s dryers help protect your product quality, protect your compressor & protect production

Air Compressor Dryer FAQs

Why is there water in the air?

When you compress air you squeeze air molecules together. That creates friction and friction creates heat which warms the air around it.

As that air cools it condenses, leaving moisture in your compressed air system.

Why does my air compressor need a dryer?

Too much water in your air compressor causes problems. Left undrained from your compressor or receiver, it can rot metal, reduce air capacity and flow, and increase motor wear – and the risk of an early breakdown.

At the other end of the system, water that finds its way to the air tool can cause problems for product quality. Food and drinks can become contaminated. Paint finishes can be damaged. Quality can be compromised.

Can I prevent water building up in my compressed air system?

You can’t prevent water appearing in your compressed air system – it’s an unavoidable part of compressing air. But you can do something about it once it’s there.

Every compressor has a drain which will enable you to remove water built up in the air receiver. But the drain is a passive tool – it only drains water that has already found its way there.

By contrast, a dryer will actively ‘scrub’ the air of moisture.

How does a dryer work?

We tend to use two types of dryer.

Desiccant dryers use ultra-absorbent materials to remove moisture, soaking up the water within the system.

Refrigerant dryers cool the air to 3°C, the temperature at which the air will form dew droplets that can then be removed and discharged into the drain.

Which dryer is right for me?

There are many considerations in choosing the right dryer.

A refrigerant dryer won’t be suited to a compressor subject to freezing temperatures.

A desiccant dryer will need regular maintenance to ensure the absorbent materials don’t become clogged.

To find the right dryer for your application, call us on 0114 243 2347 or

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