Removal, Transportation & Reinstallation

When your business outgrows your existing space

Air compressor removal, transportation & reinstallation service

We’ll help you move your compressed air equipment

Moving workshop or factory is never a simple matter, but we’ll help make it easier. From small workshop switches to major factory moves, we’ll remove, transport and reinstall your air compressors and receivers – and help keep downtime to a minimum.

Most importantly, when a move to larger premises means you need more air power, a new pipework layout, expanded ducting or more, we’ll ensure the system is fit for the new premises.

If you’re planning a move, and whether you need one air compressor shifting or an entire factory floor, call us for a free estimate.

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Removal, transportation & reinstallation of compressed air equipment

Removal, Transportation & Reinstallation FAQs

Will you move any scale of compressed air installation?

Yes. However large your setup, we’ll dismantle, remove, transport and reinstall at your new location.

How fast can you (re)install our compressed air system?

Every system is different, but with 35+ years of experience we work fast. For precise timescales, talk to us about your project.

Our existing system needs to expand. Will you do that?

Yes. A move can have major implications for your compressed air system.

  • A larger factory floor may mean you have more workstations with more air tools, so you may need a new compressor to deliver the increased power you require
  • A new location for the compressor may mean new ducting is required to keep the air feeding the compressor cool and clean
  • A new location will almost inevitably mean that you need new pipework to transport the air from compressor to tools. We’ll devise a new pipework layout to do that in the most efficient way possible.

For these and all other considerations, we’ll redesign, extend or replace equipment and connections as required.

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