The air compressor in the bus station

Ducts serve a number of purposes in any building, but one of the most vital is that in the event of a fire they can help channel smoke away from occupied areas of a building. The challenge comes when a building loses power, because you need the vents to remain open.

NUAIR 4.4kw Air Compressor

That was our reason for installing a new 4.4kw Tandem Air Compressor in a bus station recently. The compressor controls the vents at the roof, but operates counter-intuitively. The default position is for the vents to be open at all times. The compressor is used to close them. Should the power fail, the compressor stops, enabling the vents open like a flower and vent smoke and fumes away from occupied parts of the building.

We were asked to supply, install and commission the new air compressor, which is fully operational and now helping to keep the bus station’s staff and passengers safe.

NUAIR Air Compressor in Bus Station

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