An air compressor running hot isn’t the rarest of maintenance calls. But the reasons for one particular air compressor overheating left us with a major challenge…

Large portable diesel compressor on van

Earlier this year we were called out to one of our client’s air compressors which, the client told us, was running hot. This was February and the temperature outside was -8° C to -10° C – not exactly the obvious time to find a compressor overheating.

When our engineers arrived on site, they quickly realised that the compressor coolant had vanished, a problem caused by one of the cooling fans taking a flying trip into the cooler, damaging a number of cooling tubes from which the coolant had drained.

We quickly arranged for a large portable diesel compressor to be delivered to site and connected it so that our client could get back into production.

We then set about locating a portable Air Blast Cooler capable of cooling the glycol (antifreeze) required for the compressor, which we brought in on hire.

There was only one slight drawback to this: we had to site the cooler inside the factory, which meant that we would have to remove a part of the side of the building to put it in place. With assistance from the client’s engineering staff we manoeuvred the cooler into position. Once in the building we were able to modify the pipework, fill the unit and the compressor with glycol mix and bring their compressor back on line. Once back up and running, we removed the temporary diesel compressor.


Large portable diesel compressor

Large portable diesel compressor


Our client’s engineering department set about repairing the original, damaged Air Blast Cooler and, once the repair had been carried out, we returned to site on a Friday afternoon. With assistance from two of our client’s engineers we shut off the air supply to the factory, disconnected the hire cooler, reconnected their repaired existing cooler and put the air supply back on.

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Following the successful repair work, we are very pleased to announce that the client has asked us to supply and install a 37kW rotary screw compressor together with a 55kW compressor and make the necessary upgrades to some of the company’s pipework and filtering systems.

That work is now underway.


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