Vane Air Compressors

Vane Air Compressors

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Long-lived and great for a continuous supply of moderate pressure air – and those aren’t the only reasons why a vane compressor could be your best bet

Why choose a vane air compressor?

Vane (also known as sliding or rotary vane) compressors have several benefits:

Good for continuous air supply: Need a steady, reliable supply of air? Vane compressors do the job particularly well.

Good for moderate pressure applications: Tyre inflation, conveyors, paint shops, agricultural applications and air knives – vane compressors are ideal for situations like these; less so where constant high pressure is required.

Durability: Regular maintenance is particularly important for a vane compressor, but the advantage is that it should be a good while before you need to replace it, as they typically enjoy long working lives.

Low noise: Modern vane compressors are relatively quiet.

What is a vane air compressor?

There are two principles of compression and each of the various types of air compressor follows one of them.

Positive displacement compressors draw air into a chamber and then compress it to the required level before releasing it.

Dynamic compressors accelerate the air and use the kinetic energy of its velocity to generate pressure.

A vane compressor is a dynamic compressor.

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Vane Compressor FAQs

How do vane air compressors work?

The critical element of the vane compressor is a rotor mounted eccentrically within a housing. The rotor contains numerous sprung blades (vanes) with a compartment between each.

The motion of the rotor causes the vanes to slide, enabling the air to pass from compartment to compartment, decreasing in volume and increasing in pressure as it goes until the pressurized air is released at the outlet.

Where are sliding vane compressors used?

Vane compressors are widely used in a range of applications including:

  • Agricultural – farm equipment
  • Automotive – welding, cutting and tyre inflation
  • Pharmaceutical – conveyors, manufacturing and packaging machinery
  • Food and beverage – air knives for cutting and peeling, vacuums for packaging; handling and conveying applications
  • Dry cleaning – a vane compressor is a popular choice within the industry for its ability to deliver precise amounts of compressed air
Are rotary vane compressors available oil-free?

Yes. Oil lubricated versions are more common – and because they only tend to sip lubricant you’ll find less oil discharged as vapour – but oil-free versions are available for applications that demand clean operation.

Will you install my vane air compressor?

Yes. Talk to us about installing:

  • Ducting – so your compressor has the clean air it needs to function effectively
  • Pipework – so your compressor can feed your air tools efficiently
  • Electrical – to ensure safe, reliable operation
Will you maintain my air compressor?

Yes. Vane compressors are renowned for their long life when well maintained.

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Vane air compressors - Long-lived and great for a continuous supply of moderate pressure air

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