Why Does My Air Compressor Have Low Pressure?

Your air compressor’s working, but it’s not producing its usual degree of pressure. You may need a callout to resolve the problem, but there are a few simple checks you can make first.

Air compressor pressure gauges

Low pressure means slower progress, poorer finishes, and some air powered tools simply won’t operate at all. But before you arrange a callout, check these simple tips.


Is airflow restricted because of a twist, kink, bend or crushing of the hose?

Work along from the air compressor to the air tool and straighten out the air hose. It’s not uncommon to find that it has become trapped beneath a tyre or piece of workshop furniture – or become tangled.


Have you changed any components in your compressed air system recently?

System changes can affect air flow in a range of ways. Adding an additional feed to the air compressor will naturally reduce air pressure if it now needs to supply two tools rather than one, so check the air compressor has the capacity to supply both. If it doesn’t, you’ll need an upgrade.

Check any recent tool additions, to ensure that the requirements of the tool don’t exceed the capacity of the air compressor.

Similarly, you may have upgraded the air compressor and expected a similar improvement in air pressure. If that hasn’t happened, it could be because the hose is simply too narrow to let the air flow freely. You’ll know that’s the case if the hose connection nearest the air compressor becomes warmer than usual, because the additional friction created at the hose entry will generate additional heat.

If that’s the case, call us about upgrading the hoses of your Chesterfield air compressor system.


Look for leaks

Your Chesterfield compressed air equipment may be tangle-free now, but if the hoses have previously been caught, twisted or trapped, they may have split. Check the length of the hose for tell-tale hissing and use your hands to detect the breeze of any escaping air. In particular, check joints and connections which can become loose over time.


Check your filters

Most industrial air compressors in Chesterfield will have a range of filters, driers and separators to remove water, oil and other particulates from the system. Over time the various materials used to absorb moisture and filter contaminants can become clogged. The more clogged they get, the harder it is for air to pass through them unrestricted.

Check your air compressor filters and clean if necessary. If you’re not sure how, call us.


For help, advice, installation, servicing and repair of your Chesterfield air compressors, call Algar Air now on 0114 243 2347.

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