Let the air compressor handle the waste oil, so you don’t have to.
Pipework for blue tank

In the motor trade, oil is a problem. Disposal regulations are increasingly stringent, leaving garages with the responsibility of collecting all the engine oil they drain, and sending it for correct disposal or recycling.

But air compressors can help, as this latest installation for an upmarket car marque’s service bay recently demonstrated. Our air compressor engineers installed an oil pump which sends the drained, used engine oil to the blue tank in this image. Once the service is complete (or the tank is full), garage mechanics pump the contents off to a large storage unit ready for waste collection, recycling and/or disposal.


Pipework for blue tank

Pipework for blue tank


The beauty of the system is that there’s virtually no contact between mechanics and oil, creating a cleaner, more efficient working environment. It also means there’s virtually no effort involved in ensuring the business complies with its waste oil environmental obligations.


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