Why we chose ReferenceLine for our reviews.

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Whatever your line of business, it seems there’s a review platform for it. Engineers are no different, and when it came to setting up our own online review page, there were a number of competing platforms we could have gone with.

We chose ReferenceLine because it digs a little deeper than a simple overall score out of 10. Our review does have an overall score out of 10 (at time of writing we score a 9.7) but frankly we tend to feel that general scores like this are fine as a crude measure of good vs not so good, but not very helpful when it comes to, for example, distinguishing how responsive one company is over another.

Our ReferenceLine review page digs rather deeper, enabling clients to leave comments and providing a score out of 10 for specific elements of the service we provide. We also like the fact that, in addition to scoring us on how well we perform the core of our job – supplying, designing and maintaining air compressor systems (we’re a 9.8 on that) – we’re also scored against the other things that tell you not simply whether we have air compressor expertise, but what it’s like to work with us.

That’s why ratings for things like our advice, responsiveness and the way we help our clients meet their legal requirements mean just as much.


Your comments

Naturally, your comments matter enormously, and we’re grateful to everyone who takes the time to leave us a considered review. We’ve republished the latest review here as an example of the sort of comments you’ll see on our review page. At time of writing this is our latest review, which is why this is the one we’re publishing here:

“Algar Air has provided site maintenance services for Blatchford’s for several years.


We have always been very satisfied with the service provided. They will attempt to resolve any mechanical or electrical issues and have a good team of technicians who understand our business needs. Contracted maintenance requirements are always completed in a timely manner.


Always quick to respond to any emergencies or unscheduled events preventing disruption to production schedules and services. I can confirm that all health & safety requirements are met when working on site. I am satisfied with the service received from Algar Air and hope our partnership will continue to be a successful one.”


Would you review us?

Since we started this review system in 2016 we’ve had several dozen reviews but we’d love to have more. So, whether it was a last minute air compressor repair callout, a bit of advice or the supply of a 15kw Super Silenced Screw air compressor (the very latest air compressor to leave the workshop) we’d love you to tell us about your experience.

Thank you.


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