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You can draw up as detailed a business plan as you like, but the simple fact is that no new business knows with absolute certainty what the next 12 months will hold. And that can make your choice of air compressor something of a challenge:

There’s the expectation that you’ll grow – so do you choose an air compressor that serves your needs now, or do you invest in one that will meet your ambitions in a year’s time? Choose the former and you may be needing another compressor soon. Choose the latter and you could be wasting money – at least in the short term.

There’s also the issue of protecting that valuable working capital. Keeping costs low is essential for any start-up business, so investing in the compressed air system you think you’ll need in 12 months or more might feel like running before you can walk.

Cost & Effort:
When you don’t really know what air compressor equipment you’ll need, there’s a risk that you could quickly find yourself having to upgrade and sell the existing compressor. And all of that takes time and costs more money.

So why not lease instead?

Air compressor leasing

We’re delighted to say we’ve just completed our first compressed air system lease. This is for a new client who’s opening a factory and needs time (and a little flexibility from their air compressor supplier) to work out precisely what their compressed air needs will be.

For one year, the client will lease the compressor, refrigerant dryer, receiver and separator, giving them a complete compressed air system for a monthly lease price. That not only ensures the business can keep more of its capital for other essentials and spread the cost; it also means the company can use this year to test the water and establish how much air they really need. It also gives them room to grow. In a year’s time, if the existing compressor is delivering everything the business needs, they can choose to buy the system outright. Alternatively, if they need something bigger, they can simply hand their current system back and choose an alternative.

Not sure how much air power your business will need? Talk to us about air compressor leasing now on 0114 243 2347.

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