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Atlas Copco GA37 VSD

There are so many reasons to hire the Atlas Copco GA37 VSD. There’s the 50% energy saving (av.) compared to fixed speed models. There’s the industry-leading operating turndown range, the integrated refrigerant dryer and the ability to start under system pressure with no blow-off. Atlas Copco call the VSD a “game changer”. Hire it and discover why.

Atlas Copco GA37 VSD Air Compressor

ModelAtlas Copco GA37 VSD
Power37Kw / 50hp
Capacity55 (cfm) - min279 (cfm) - max
Dimensions (mm)D: 1,100mmW: 1,153mmH: 1,968mm
Weight (kg)860
Noise (dB(A))67

Hire now from Algar Air for: £250 p/w*


Atlas Copco GA26+

This air-cooled, oil injected screw compressor not only offers powerful, reliable compressed air for a range of industrial needs. Its integrated air dryer reduces your system’s footprint, while low noise operations enables your people to work at close quarters.

Atlas Copco GA26+ Air Compressor

ModelAtlas Copco GA26+
Power26Kw / 30hp
Capacity166.8 (cfm) - max
Dimensions (mm)D: 1,255mmW: 865mmH: 1,475mm
Weight (kg)525
Noise (dB(A))67

Hire now from Algar Air for: £200 p/w*


Boge C9LF

BOGE C-series air compressors are all about high performance and energy efficiency in compact units. This C9LF offers premium efficiency thanks to its IE3 motor. Smart, compact design all but eliminates leaks and keeps pressure losses to a bare minimum. And the sound absorbent graphite casing keeps noise levels low.

BOGE C9LF Air Compressor

ModelBoge C9LF
Air delivery (m3 / min)1.18
Power7.5Kw / 9hp
Dimensions (mm)D: 987mmW: 480mmH: 1,234mm
Weight (kg)215
Noise (dB(A))68

Hire now from Algar Air for: £150 p/w*


Fini Quadro 2108

Designed to operate in the most challenging operational conditions, Fini Quadro compressors combine the high efficiency of a FS50 TF air-end with compact, low noise operation.

Fini Quadro 2108 Air Compressor

ModelFini Quadro 2108
Power15Kw / 20hp
Capacity max (cfm)83
Dimensions (mm)D: 700mmW: 700mmH: 980mm
Weight (kg)860
Noise (dB(A))68

Hire now from Algar Air for: £175 p/w*


Hydrovane 715 Classic

Hydrovane’s 7 Series of direct drive air compressors was designed to achieve new standards in energy efficiency and performance. That ambition was supported by an integral aftercooler and a servo-unloader valve which hydraulically matches air input to air demand.

Hydrovane 715 Classic Air Compressor

ModelHydrovane 715 Classic
Power15Kw / 20hp
Capacity max (cfm)75 (approx.)

Hire now from Algar Air for: £175 p/w*


Hydrovane HV11

This Hydrovane compressor delivers clean, dry, pulse-free air straight from the outlet. Direct drive means no belts, pulleys or couplings to fail or change. And with no receiver required as standard (minimising the footprint) and low noise levels, you can site this compressor close to your people, lowering installation costs.

Hydrovane HV11 Air Compressor

ModelHydrovane HV11
Power11Kw / 15hp
Capacity (m3 / min)1.63
Noise (dB)69

Hire now from Algar Air for: £150 p/w*


Nu-Air B3800B/200

This three-phase air compressor features a belt drive that is ideal for operating the motor at lower speeds while maintaining constant, balanced air output volumes. Powerful, easily manoeuvrable and versatile, this air compressor is a good all rounder for general workshop tasks.

Nu-Air B3800B 200L Air Compressor

ModelNu-Air B3800B/200
Power2.2Kw / 3hp
Capacity (cfm)14
Receiver capacity200L
Dimensions (mm)L: 1,450mmW: 550mmH: 980mm
Weight (kg)103
Noise (dB)67

Hire now from Algar Air for: £150 p/w*


Nu-Air B2800B/100

An economical, belt-driven air compressor for low-speed operation. Low noise is achieved via the single stage lubricated compressor pump unit, while advanced cooling and an aftercooler help to keep temperatures low and prolong cut-out-free operation.

Nu-Air B2800B 100L Air Compressor

ModelNu-Air B2800B/100
Power2.2Kw / 3hp
Capacity (cfm)12
Receiver capacity100L
Dimensions (mm)L: 1,070mmW: 385mmH: 840mm
Weight (kg)72
Noise (dB)66

Hire now from Algar Air for: £150 p/w*

*Delivery, collection, installation and Hire-In insurance at 20% charged separately, if required. Call us for details.


Why hire your air compressor?

Because your existing compressor is out of action and you need a temporary fix until you can find a permanent replacement. Because you need cover while your regular compressor is being serviced. Because you’re looking to buy a new air compressed air system and want to test some alternatives. There are lots of reasons to hire your compressed air equipment.

And with swift service, competitive prices and decades of expertise, there are lots of reasons to hire compressed air equipment in Sheffield, Nottingham, Rotherham, Doncaster and Chesterfield from Algar Air.


Can I buy my hire equipment?

Want to turn your hire into a permanent deal? No problem. Just ask as for a sale price.

To arrange your hire, to find out more about any of these compressors, or to find exactly the right air compressor for your needs, contact us or call 0114 243 2347.

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