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Hertz Frecon 15 Plus

The Hertz Frecon’s variable speed and directly coupled drive system help this rotary screw compressor cut energy usage by up to 35% compared with traditional air compressors. A great choice for any business that needs a wide working pressure range, constant pressure and the durability and longevity for almost countless starts.

Hertz Frecon 15 Plus Rotary Screw Compressor
Hertz Frecon 15 Plus Rotary Screw Compressor
Hertz Frecon 15 Plus Rotary Screw Compressor

ModelHertz Frecon 15 Plus
Running hours21,012
Power15Kw / 20hp
Capacity34 (cfm) - min82 (cfm) - max
Dimensions (mm)L: 1,175mmW: 730mmH: 1,000mm
Weight (kg)345
Noise (dB(A))71

Algar Air price: £3,500


Fluidair RS15T

With a cooling fan mounted on the motor and a highly efficient ‘bar/plate’ aftercooler, the Fluidair RS15T air compressor does more to keep operating temperatures down, so it can keep operating for longer. As air compressor service engineers, we’ve always been a fan of the cabinet design which makes accessing every part of the compressor easy and helps ensure its longevity.

Fluidair RS15T Air Compressor
Fluidair RS15T Air Compressor
Fluidair RS15T Air Compressor

ModelFluidair RS15T
Running hours31,211
Power15Kw / 20hp
Capacity92 (cfm) - max
Dimensions (mm)L: 1,000mmW: 800mmH: 1,390mm
Weight (kg)490
Noise (dB(A))72

Algar Air price: £800


Nu-Air B3800B-Pro/150 FM3

The Nu-Air B3800B-PRO/150 FM3 is a reliable 150-litre, belt drive (enabling lower speed operation), low noise air compressor. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Nu-Air’s versatility is supported by an advanced cooling system that ensures cool air is driven to the head, valves and after-cooler, protecting the compressor’s lifespan and reducing the need for cool-off downtime.

Nu-Air B3800B-PRO/150 FM3 Air Compressor

ModelNu-Air B3800B-Pro/150 FM3
Power2.2Kw / 3hp
Capacity13.95 (cfm) - max
Dimensions (mm)L: 1,390mmW: 430mmH: 950mm
Weight (kg)91
Noise (dB(A))72

Algar Air price: £695

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