We’ve helped a client maintain production while making essential repairs to a BOGE air compressor.

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For almost half a century, our customer has been behind the design and development of much of the equipment used in rock drilling. Their equipment is used globally for mineral research – including gold – and as you might expect, air compressors are a major source of power for their production.

The company’s Sheffield HQ is home to a BOGE CF30 air compressor, a belt driven compressor with an integrated frequency controller that matches energy consumption with air requirements. That brings our client numerous advantages: idle times are minimised, pressure fluctuations are levelled and smooth starts and stops help protect products whilst reducing wear on the compressor.

Yet the BOGE air compressor had developed a fault. We were called out to check it over and found that the motor bearings were noisy. We arranged for one of our stand-by compressors to be installed on site, allowing us to take the BOGE away, but still leaving the client able to maintain production.

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Back at our workshop, the BOGE was stripped to find the motor bearings needed replacing and the end shields re-sleeving. Crucially, the heart of the variable air compressor – the air-end (aka the compressor screw element) – needed stripping and cleaning, so we removed it and sent away for overhaul.

Once the air-end was received back in-house, we reassembled the air compressor. The suction box, minimum pressure valve and thermostat were all stripped down and springs, seals and gaskets replaced. We also fitted new drive belts.

Once complete (and tested and cleaned) the air compressor was returned to our customer’s plant, where we reinstalled it, good as new.


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Testing & certification to keep your business safe & compliant

Testing & Certification

Keep your business safe and compliant.

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