Case Study – Atomising Systems

Filtering Out the Cost for Atomising Systems

Atomising Systems Compressor Filter Elements

It was out with the old and obsolete and in with the new and (much) more efficient, as we replaced filter elements for the South Yorkshire-based metal powder processing company.

The Client

Atomising Systems produces the atomised stainless steel powders essential to 3D printing, metal injection mounding, brazing and more. Each year, more than 3,500 tonnes of metal powder are produced at the company’s UK base in Sheffield and the filters that keep the factory’s compressed air clean are vital parts of the production process. So what do you do when the filter elements you rely on are no longer available?

The Challenge

That was the issue we and Atomising Systems faced recently. It was while booking in a routine service that our servicing manager Jen realized that she could no longer source the filter elements Atomising Systems used in its system.

This would always create an issue, but when your business is built on powder it’s even more vital that your filtration is up to scratch to ensure airborne particles don’t get a chance to clog air feeds, increase compressor motor wear and potentially impact production.

Our Response

In typical style Jen said, “Leave it with me,” and cracked on with sourcing new housings and elements. She checked the cfm capacity of the Atomising Systems’ air compressor and scoured our suppliers looking for filtration products that would provide the right balance of airflow and filtration.

That balance is important. Get it wrong and you either enable too many contaminants to escape the filter (leaving them free to cause problems) or you filter so intensively that you reduce air flow, increasing the risk of compressor wear and creating problems for your air tools.

Jen found the solution lay in reducing the size of the filter housing. This meant the system could take advantage of newer, smaller (and cheaper) filter elements which will reduce servicing costs over their life compared to the larger more expensive filters, and help futureproof the compressed air system.

Still a relatively new Algar Air client, having been with us for just over two years, Jen’s approach gave Atomising Systems a timely reminder of the difference the right air compressor servicing partner can make.

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Atomising Systems Compressor Filter Elements
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