Case Study – Hird Rail

Blown fuse fault-finding for Hird Rail

BOGE Isolating Unit for Hird Rail

The railway parts specialist had a compressor that kept blowing fuses. We were asked to find and fix the problem.

The Client

We’ve written about Hird Rail Development (HRD) before. They are a leading specialist in rail infrastructure products and services worldwide, with products that include innovative rail and sleeper repair, bolt hole crack prevention, ballast dust reduction and ant-trespass systems. At the heart of their factory sits one extremely well-maintained air compressor (because we do it).

The Challenge

Hird Rail told us that their compressor kept blowing fuses. Naturally, every blown fuse would lead to a period of downtime while it was replaced. This was hampering production and causing frustration. They asked us to investigate.

Our Response

There are a number of potential reasons for an air compressor to blow a fuse. It could be a poor or intermittent connection causing the voltage to drop. It could be an exposed power wire touching the frame and creating a short. It could be a worn check valve (meaning air from the receiver could escape back into the compressor, causing increased pressure on the compressor and forcing the motor to work so hard that a fuse blows).

In this case, however, the problem was a faulty transformer and the fix was a simple one.

We switched out the faulty 400 volt transformer for a brand new Boge safety isolating unit. In an instant, the fuses stopped blowing and Hird Rail was able to get production back on track confident that that the compressor would keep delivering air.

“As always, Algar Air were prompt and located the problem and ordered the new isolating unit quickly. Once the part was delivered, they were back quickly to install and there haven’t been any issues since.” Wayne Broadhead, Factory Manager, Hird Rail Development.

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