Case Study – IPL Tamworth

Making Hot Air Pay

Could the right ducting help protect your air compressors and make your business more energy efficient?

The client:

A specialist in sustainable packaging based in Staffordshire. They’re the sort of people who supply everything from wheelie bins to the lids that seal your takeaway coffee cup.

The challenge:

It’s always important to regulate the temperature of your air compressors. Too cold and frozen condensate can cause havoc with machinery and filters. At the very least it can take longer for your compressor to reach pressure.

Air that’s too hot, on the other hand, consumes more energy (so your compressor costs more to run). Should temperatures peak too high, you risk the air compressor shutting down.

Our client wanted to avoid extremes of temperature, regulating the ambient environment so the business’ three Atlas Copco air compressors would keep operating reliably and efficiently in all weathers and at all times of the year.

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The response:

We installed summer/winter ducting which would enable the business to vent hot air into the building at chillier times of the year and expel the air outside in warmer months.

To achieve this, we ran the ducting up to a high level, then branched it to two outlets, one inside the factory, the other to the outside wall (while ensuring the external outlet was suitably weatherproofed).

With divertors electrically controlled from a three-position switch, the business can now choose how to use the hot air its compressors produce.

Ducting for sustainability

The new ducting protects production and ensures the air compressors operate in a consistent ambient environment. For a business built on sustainability, however, there’s another benefit. Because while the ducting now makes it easy to expel hot air in summer, in winter the business can effectively recycle the hot air it produces, using it to contribute to maintaining temperatures in the factory, with a knock-on effect in reducing energy bills and lowering the organisation’s carbon footprint.

To explore how the right ducting could bring added benefits to your business, please contact us or call 0114 243 2347.

Air Ducting Installation for IPL Tamworth
Air Ducting Installation for IPL Tamworth
Air Ducting Installation for IPL Tamworth
Air Ducting Installation for IPL Tamworth
Air Ducting Installation for IPL Tamworth
Air Ducting Installation for IPL Tamworth
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