Case Study – Maher

New controls for Maher’s furnace door

Maher's Furnace Door Controls

A Sheffield institution since 1932, we’ve given the alloy and machining specialist’s furnace door controls a whole new (and durable) lease of life.

The Client

Maher has been producing high strength, high performance alloys at its Sheffield base for 90 years. Its products support clients across the supply chain in industries including oil and gas, defence, power, naval and marine and energy.

Conveniently for both of us, Maher’s manufacturing facility sits just across Brightside Lane from our workshops. We’re little more than half a mile apart. So when they called us about a problem with the pneumatic controls for their furnace door, we didn’t have far to travel to assess the problem.

The challenge

Much of what Maher does relies on the sort of intense heat you can only safely generate in a furnace. The furnace door is controlled by a pneumatic control panel, but Maher’s panel was the one originally supplied with the door. It had been in situ for several years and, over time, it had begun to leak air. That had led to intermittent problems which slowed production processes.

Maher knew it was time for a rebuild and asked Algar Air’s engineers to tackle the project.

Our response

Pneumatics are essentially systems which use the release of compressed air to control movement, so renovating Maher’s pneumatic controls was very much part of our skillset.

We replaced the pneumatic controls for the furnace door together with all the panel’s pipes and fittings, then surrounded the panel with a new steel housing to protect it from what could often be a harsh environment with a clear risk of accidental damage.

For the final, vital connection between control panel and furnace, we replaced the hydraulic hose with nylon pipe, which would offer improved durability and strength.

Between the newly protected, renovated panel and the new connection pipe, we’ve created a control system that should offer years of reliability and efficiency.

Maher agreed, with the client confirming that the new system is much quicker and more efficient than the once they had been using.

To talk to us about renovating your pneumatic controls, please contact us or call 0114 243 2347.

Maher's Furnace Door Controls
Maher's Furnace Door Controls
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