Case Study

Replacing an (extremely) old air compressor

BOGE 15kw Ecoline Compressor

We’ve just replaced a used air compressor we first installed in 1999…

The Client

How long does an air compressor last? It’s a question we’re asked frequently and the truth is that while ‘it depends’ is never a great answer, it really does depend on the environment in which the compressor has been used, the volume of usage and the quality and regularity of maintenance. Still, if pressed, we might quote the standard figure you’ll find online, which is somewhere between ten and fifteen years.

Unless, that is, you happen to be a certain drilling consumables manufacturer that’s been working with Algar Air for decades. In 1999, we supplied the company, which specialises in underground and surface mining, construction, geotechnical and well drilling, with a used CompAir Broomwade air compressor which had 25,000 running hours on the clock.

The Challenge

22 years later, we were called by the client who reported a problem. On inspection we found that the airend (that is, the part of the compressor where air is actually compressed) had seized. Finally beyond economic repair, the unit went to compressor heaven having delivered pressurised air reliably for more than 80,000 working hours.

Of course, the challenge when you’ve owned a compressor with such an exceptional lifespan is how do you replace it with something that stands a chance of being an equally effective workhorse?

Our Response

We supplied a 15kw Ecoline BOGE, an extremely reliable machine, with excellent warranty package of up to 10 years ensuring that, if anything were to go wrong, the company would be protected.

As accredited BOGE suppliers and engineers, we’ll be on hand to ensure the new compressor gets the expert servicing and maintenance to ensure it lasts the distance.

Ready to replace your aging air compressor? For expert advice, supply and installation, call Algar Air now on 0114 243 2347 or get in touch.

BOGE 15kw Ecoline Compressor
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