Case Study – Straal

A new temperature probe for Straaltechniek UK’s compressor

Straaltechniek Air Compressor Oil Leak Fault

A faulty probe led to an ironic compressor fault.

The client:

Straaltechniek is the surface preparation specialist. From air blasting and shot peening to dust extraction, its equipment and services support sectors including automotive, aerospace, marine, oil and gas, railway and energy. A global business, Straaltechniek UK operates from its base in Sheffield, which made us the natural choice for a call when the company ran into problems with one of its air compressors.

The challenge

Straaltechniek called us to report that its air compressor was overheating. When a compressor overheats it shuts off. In fact, overheating is the number one reason an air compressor will shut off unexpectedly.

Often, the cause will be inadequate ventilation around the compressor, resulting in it sucking in hot, dirty air which blocks filters, forcing the motor to work harder and overheat. Other common causes include excess discharge pressures or low suction pressures, perhaps as a result of dirty condensing coils or poorly fitting components. But those weren’t the problem for Straaltechniek.

Our response

Algar Air engineers identified an oil leak from the compressor’s temperature probe. Temperature probes monitor the condition of coolant. When the temperature passes a certain point, the probe shuts down the compressor as a safety measure.

The leak had meant that the level of oil within the compressor had fallen, causing it to overheat. So, rather ironically, a probe designed to monitor the temperature of the compressor was the actual source of it overheating.

Having identified the problem, we sourced a new part, installed the new probe, gave the compressor a thorough service and got it back up and running.

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Straaltechniek Air Compressor Oil Leak Fault
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