Do air compressors really need servicing?

It’s easy to ignore the need for air compressor servicing. As long as the pressure’s there and the air tools keep working, it’s tempting to kick the can of servicing and maintenance so far down the road that eventually you forget about it altogether.

That was the case for this Coventry-based client. Even when they first contacted us, it wasn’t for air compressor servicing; it was for a Written Scheme of Examination, one of the outcomes of which was our identification that the air compressor had never, ever been serviced.

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So what does an unserviced air compressor look like? Well, here’s a perfect example. As you can see from these 3 images, it’s parts were clogged with oil and assorted guck to such an extent that our air compressor engineers were amazed it was still running at all. Happily, things are looking a lot healthier (and running a lot more efficiently) now.

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That efficiency is one of the key factors in air compressor servicing. Yes, your compressor may continue to operate well enough for you to get the job done. But without regular servicing the pressure will drop and the air flow will decrease. Eventually, the compressor (and your production) will seize up entirely. But even if that doesn’t happen for years (as in this case), the motor is having to work harder to generate power – and that’s costing you money now in terms of energy and costing you money in the future in terms of worn out parts.

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So just because your air compressor is still cranking up every morning and doing its job, don’t assume that it wouldn’t be able to do it a whole lot better – and more efficiently – if you gave it a service once in a while.

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