Only 20% of businesses that use air compressors have a backup. If your business doesn’t, how will you cope with a breakdown?
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This isn’t a scientific measure, but a rough count of the clients we’ve worked with over the past couple of years reveals a rather surprising fact: only around 20% of them have a backup air compressor.

The explanation for this isn’t unreasonable – the air compressor is often one the most ‘under the radar’ pieces of kit on any factory, workshop or garage floor. Frequently the only time it gets attention is when it’s not doing something it should. And yet there is value in always having a backup on hand – not least because a backup can be the difference between being able to continue with business as usual and everything grinding to a halt. So here are a few ways to make that happen without going to the expense of buying two identical, brand new air compressors when most of the time you only need one.

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Keep your old air compressor

Every air compressor has its day. Like everything else in life, eventually it will need replacing as an aging motor struggles to deliver the pressure, flow or reliability it once did.

But whilst your old compressor may no longer be able to shoulder the everyday demands of your business, it may still be good enough to act as backup. They key to keeping an old compressor as backup is to ensure it stays serviced and maintained. After all, there’s no point in having a backup air compressor that doesn’t work on the rare occasions you actually need it.

It may not be something to rely on for long, but it can certainly help you cover the short period while your main compressor is out of action.


Buy small

The air compressor you use every day may be a beast, but you may not necessarily need the same power in a backup – and that will cut the cost of ensuring that, should something happen to your main air compressor, you’ll still be able to continue to operate with some degree of normality.

Oil-Free Air Compressor MGF Dental Oil-Free Air PureAir Open Frame with dryer M-PR-OF400-090-MT

Oil-Free Air Compressor MGF Dental Oil-Free Air PureAir Open Frame with dryer M-PR-OF400-090-MT


The key to this decision is working out the essential requirements of your business and choosing a compressor that can cope with everyday demands, if not the peaks.


Buy used

Used air compressor equipment

Used air compressor equipment


A used air compressor will always cost less than a brand new model. We supply many used air compressors as primary units, so there’s no reason not to choose a used model as a backup.

It is vital to ensure the used compressor will be up to the task, so buying from established air compressor engineers is advisable, and keeping the unit well serviced is essential. You can find out more about our used air compressors here.


As ever, if you need help in deciding the best choice for your backup air compressor, talk to us on 0114 243 2347, or get in touch

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Used air compressor equipment

Used Air Compressor Equipment

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