Does BCAS membership really matter? According to a recent survey, it’s your guarantee of better support, expertise and value for money. Just as well we’re members…
We're a BCAS Member


Algar Air is a member of the British Compressed Air Society. That’s the only UK technical trade association open to manufacturers, installers and engineers (like us) of compressed air and pneumatic equipment. Its role is to offer unbiased advice on legislation, technical standards, environmental and safety matters that affect compressed air equipment and users.

But why does that matter to you? It’s a fair question. Our membership has been driven by our need to stay up to date with compliance legislation and to access training. We’re aware that the BCAS badge carries a degree of reassurance for our clients, but beyond that, does our membership really matter to you?

If a recent BCAS study is anything to go by, it seems the answer should be ‘yes’.


BCAS membership means higher satisfaction

Because BCAS represents users as well as manufacturers and suppliers of compressed air equipment, they had the ideal survey sample to ask about supplier performance. The survey looked at supplier ratings across a range of measures, split between suppliers who were BCAS members and suppliers who were not.

For each category, the users were asked to rate their suppliers from 0-10, where 0 was worst and 10 was best. The results were striking.


BCAS membership means better support

Over a quarter of users choosing non-BCAS registered suppliers ranked the support they received at 0 to 5. 12% ranked it 0 to 1. A creditable 39% were ranked 9-10.

For the BCAS registered suppliers, however, 51% offered support rated a 9-10. No supplier scored less than a 6.


BCAS membership means better responsiveness

Just 33% of non-BCAS members were ranked 9-10 for their responsiveness, less than half the figure for BCAS members, where 66% scored a 9 or 10.


BCAS membership means better advice

88% of BCAS members scored 6 to 10. 54% cored a 9-10. In contrast, almost 4 in 10 of non-BCAS members scored a 5 or less. Just 35% scored a 9-10.


BCAS membership means better value for money

90% of BCAS members scored between 6 and 10 in value for money. 48% scored a 9 or 10. Things were considerably less rosy for non-BCAS members where almost a third scored 0 to 5. Just 31% scored a 9 or 10.

Clearly, BCAS membership isn’t an absolute guarantee of expertise, support or responsiveness, but as an indicator of quality the study’s findings are clear. Chose a compressed air supplier who is also a BCAS member, and you significantly increase your chances of satisfaction.

For air compressor sales, maintenance and repair by a BCAS member, contact us, or call us on 0114 243 2347.

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