Have you revised your Written Scheme recently?

We received a frantic phone call this month from someone who’d just received a fine for not having their ‘Compressor Certificate’ which in actual fact was the Air Receiver/Tank Certification. The Compressed Air is stored in the Air Receiver/ Air Tank, so it is the most dangerous part of the Air Compressor if it is not regularly inspected (which is a visual and ultrasonic inspection) and regularly drained of condensate, to be correctly disposed of through an Oil/Water Separator System.

We talked the Garage through the legislation (Pressure Safety System Regulations 2000) surrounding Compressed Air Installations, explaining the Written Scheme of Examination and directing them to for more details. We then organised the production of a Written Scheme and are now on with the Ultrasonic testing of the Air Receiver. If the garage had been a customer of Algar Air’s already we’d have made sure they knew about the legislation and helped them comply with it.