When it’s time to upgrade, what happens to your existing air compressor?
Older air compressor

There are lots of reasons it might be time to say goodbye to your air compressor. Perhaps the business is growing and you need air power that can cope with increased demands. Perhaps your air compressor is showing its age and its time to opt for a newer model. Perhaps it simply doesn’t offer the pressure and airflow your new air tools require.

It’s worth considering your options when it comes to discarding an air compressor. If you’re buying a newer model, your air compressor supplier may be able to take the old one off you and use its value to offset some of the cost.

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For air compressors well past their best, it may be that junking or recycling are the only options. If you’re considering the scrap metal option over your local waste recycling centre, however, bear in mind that any oil or condensate still in the system will need removing – so choose a reputable dealer who’ll do that for you.

The one thing you definitely shouldn’t do when discarding an old air compressor, is bury it. Aside from the potential contamination issues, there’s always the chance someone will dig it up at some point in the future and think it’s an unexploded bomb.

That’s what happened at Yokota US Air Base, in Japan recently, when a large area of the site went into evacuation mode on discovery of what appeared to be some unexploded ordnance.

Three hours later, the all clear was given once it was established that the UXB was really an IDAC (inconsiderately dumped air compressor).


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