Do You Really Need A Callout?

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Troubleshooting Your Air Compressor​

Read our air compressor troubleshooting guide for potential quick fixes to your air compressor problems.

Ask us to repair your air compressor equipment and we won’t charge you a callout fee, but we will run through some simple troubleshooting over the phone to ensure the problem isn’t something you can resolve yourself.

With all the tips below, if they don’t solve the problem, or if you don’t know how to carry out our suggested checks, give us a call on 0114 243 2347.

Why won’t the air compressor turn on?

Has a safety cut out tripped? Check the overload relay and reset if necessary. Make sure the emergency stop is out.

If that doesn’t work, check whether you have power to the compressor. If you do and the compressor still won’t start, you may have lost a phase. If you can, check the electrics to confirm. If you’re not sure, switch off power to the compressor to avoid any potential for further damage (drawing current through the remaining phases could cause motor damage) and call us out.

Why is the air compressor not getting up to pressure?

Could be caused by a variety of problems including leaks somewhere in the system or problems with inlet filters.

Before you call us, check that the level of demand isn’t outstripping the air compressor’s capacity. If it is, it will be new compressor equipment you need, not a repair.

Why does my compressor keeps cutting out?

Check that your air compressor has the recommended levels of ventilation to ensure it’s not overheating. If overheating remains a problem, you may need to consider ducting .

Check the oil too and top it up if necessary.

Why is there water in the compressed air?

The compressed air leaving your air compressor is normally around 65°-75°C. It contains a lot of water vapour and once that comes into contact with pipework/air tanks etc it cools rapidly and turns back into a liquid water. To dry the air, install a dryer and filters to ‘scrub’ the water from the compressed air.

If you already have a dryer and filters but there’s still lots of water in the system, it’s worth checking that the dryer is switched on. Sounds obvious (and it is obvious) but it’s amazing how many callouts we’ve been to where this has been the simple solution.

Otherwise the filters will need checking for blockages and/or the gas in the fridge dryer may be low. To resolve the problem quickly, call our engineers on 0114 243 2347.

How do I turn off my compressor correctly?

All compressors are different so check your manual for best practices, however you can always ask one of our air compressor engineers to show you how to switch your compressor on and off while they’re with you to carry out a service.

Important: Don’t regularly stop the compressor using the emergency stop button or the isolator as, over time, this will damage the compressor.

Why does my compressor struggle to start when it’s cold?

Compressors generally don’t like cold weather. Cold affects the oil’s viscosity, making it harder for the oil to flow round the machine and lubricate it. And if there’s water in the system (and there usually is) it can freeze causing damage to the system when you to try to start the compressor.

If your compressor house gets very cold in the winter you can solve the oil and ice issues by installing a heater to take off the chill. Talk to us about doing that here.

Why is the compressor running but not producing any air?

The air is supplied via an inlet valve controlled by a solenoid valve. Whilst you may be able to check whether the valves have power, you’ll probably need to call us to fix the problem.

If the above suggestions haven’t solved the problem, or if your problem is not on this list, please call us on 0114 243 2347.

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