Do I Need To Vent?

Do I Need to Vent My Air Compressor & Exhaust?

Ducting to separate hot & cold air

How ducting can help ensure your compressor accesses clean, cool air

The cleaner the air going into your compressor, the better. Clean air helps support better product quality, reduced wear and maintenance and a reduced risk of breakdown.

For any production-critical compressor (as opposed to one that’s used only occasionally or for ancillary tasks) it’s important to ensure it receives as clean a feed of air as possible.

But how do you make that happen? And where should that air come from?

The importance of ducting

Ducting helps separate hot exhaust air from cooler intake air.

Without this separation, exhaust air can be immediately sucked back into the compressor, carrying oil and dust with it and risking overheating.

Properly ducted, exhaust air can be expelled outdoors or elsewhere in the building. You may find a hybrid system – venting outdoors in warmer months and indoors when temperatures cool, the best option.

How ducting can help ensure your compressor accesses clean, cool air.
Duct steam outlet

Do we need air from outdoors?

It might seem like the obvious solution, and outdoor air will often be cleaner than air from indoors (although, particularly in rural locations, pollen and other contaminants can clog inlets) but it’s important to avoid any potential for the compressor to freeze.

Depending on the location of the business and its use of compressed air, inlet ducting options may be:

  • Use air from cooler, cleaner parts of the building
  • Use outdoor air in warmer months, switching to indoor when temperatures drop

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