Should I Choose An Oil-Free Compressor?

Should I Choose An Oil-Free Compressor?

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Would an oil-free compressor be right for your business, and when is oil-free really oil-free?

What is an oil-free air compressor?

Like every other piece of mechanical equipment, air compressors need some form of lubrication to protect the moving parts. In most air compressors, oil performs that function but when a compressor is used in ‘clean’ environments (for example, for manufacturing food, drink or pharmaceuticals) you can’t use oil because of the risk of contamination.

That’s when an oil-free compressor can be essential.

How are oil-free compressors lubricated?

Without oil, the blades or pistons within the compressor are usually coated with a pre-lubricated material (such as Teflon).

Some oil-free compressors also use water as the lubricating ingredient.

Oil-Free Air Compressors - MGF Dental Oil-Free with Dryer Air - PureAir Open Frame 0.75 to 10kw
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Should I choose an oil-free compressor?

You’ll often find the question framed as ‘oil-free or oil-lubricated – which is better?’ but this rather misses the point. It’s true that oil-free compressors tend to be the better option in cold conditions (because there’s no oil to clag).

They are often lighter, quieter and more efficient. But they also tend to cost more and you’ll usually achieve higher pressure and greater air flow with an oiled compressor because they can generally operate at higher RPMs.

So the decision should be driven by the product you’re manufacturing. If it needs to be contaminant-free, then an oil-free compressor will be the only viable option. If not, then an oil-lubricated compressor should be a more cost effective solution.

Is oil-free entirely oil-free?

There’s a distinction to be made here between the description of the air compressor and the purity of the air it produces. Oil-free and oil-less are both descriptions of the compressor, but the purity of the air can vary. ISO Class 0 is the cleanest choice and delivers genuinely oil-free air.

ISO Class 1 delivers a lower class of ‘nearly-oil-free’ air. Often described as ‘technically oil-free’, this class may be suitable for some applications (paint spraying, for example), but would not be appropriate where your compressor needs to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

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