We have installed a new 1500cfm oil/water separator this month for one of our safety fence manufacturers but did you know you need one?

OIl & water separator illustration

The condensate produced in the process of Compressing Air and then Filtering/Drying/Storing it, needs treatment.

These units are designed to meet the emissions limits as laid down in the 1991 Water Resources Act. This is in accordance with ISO 14001.


Hi-sep Benefits

  • Works with: Any compressor, vane, recip, turbo or screw
  • Any oils – synthetic, mineral or vegetable oils
  • Any drains – even timed solenoids or steam traps
  • Any system – galvanised, stainless, plastic or aluminium pipework
  • Smaller – smallest possible footprint
  • No mess! – No oil containers to empty
  • Lighter – Polyethylene Moulding
  • Stronger – Roto-moulded for maximum structural strength
  • No overflowing / no weirs
  • No stagnant water volumes / no bacteria build up
  • No emulsions or “pizzas” on top of condensate – no static water
  • Longer lasting cartridges / bags than conventional oil / water separators
  • Fitted with 4-way .” BSP inlet manifold as standard
  • Re-handable inlet ports – or up to eight .” BSP inlet ports
  • Condensate cleaners up to 7,000 cfm available, price on application.



Oil & water separator range

Oil & Water Separators

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