Service Contracts

Preventative Maintenance Servicing Contracts:
If your compressed air system fails, then no matter how quick the repair or replacement, you’re likely to lose valuable time and money. That’s why regular, planned servicing is essential for any business that relies on air power.

Algar Air’s Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts help reduce the risk of downtime by scheduling planned, tailored servicing that keeps your air compressor equipment in prime condition.

We’ll explore the length of contract you would prefer, the equipment’s manufacturer, condition, environment and working hours to agree a servicing contract that meets your business needs and stays affordable.

One Stop Maintenance Contracts:
For most businesses, air compressor equipment is only one part of the story. Sooner or later, you’ll need help with:

     General factory/workshop equipment
     Electrical services
     Building maintenance
     Air conditioning and more

Keeping all your servicing in one place is not only easier to manage, with one name to remember and one number to call when there’s a problem. It’s cheaper too, with economies of scale making it easy to save money when you choose an Algar Air one stop maintenance package.

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