When your air compressor has an oil leak, the race is on if you’re to avoid downtime.
Hertz Screw Air Compressor

Your air compressor may only need servicing once a year but, like all annual bills, it’s probably something you’d prefer to spread to avoid damaging your cashflow. That’s what our client, and the owner of this Hertz screw air compressor, does.

We visit the client once a year and service the compressor to ensure it stays in prime condition. The client pays us in 12 small instalments. Which makes everyone happy – as you can see from this shot!


Servicing Essentials

If you operate air compressors in your business, you’ll know how essential servicing is. Without it, you risk breakdowns, expensive downtime and reduced efficiency.

Our servicing contracts are completely flexible and tailored to your business needs. So if you have multiple pieces of equipment, or you place demands on them that require a more frequent servicing plan, just ask us and we’ll create a servicing contract to suit – with monthly payments to make life easier.

Call us on now about your air compressor servicing on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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