Exceptional reliability. Exceptional price. Discover SOLIDair, now available from Algar Air.

SOLIDAir Compressors

Whether you’re a one man band craftsman or a small industrial user, what you need from your air compressor is simple enough: consistent, clean air power from a compressor that won’t let you down, but which doesn’t break the budget either.

That’s SOLIDair, screw air compressors with motors ranging from 4 to 15kW, that deliver long life, exceptional reliability of performance and a very competitive price.

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SOLIDair compressors from BOGE are manufactured in Germany. A screw compressor (that is, compression is achieved by drawing air in via male and female rotors operating in opposite directions), standard features include:

   Optimal cooling and air circulation via insulation hood and integrated electrical cabinet
   Supply air filter mat fitted at cooling air inlet
   Manually adjust belt tension simply
   Easy maintenance due to high efficiency external oil separator cartridge and high capacity oil filter
   Low compressed air outlet temperature doe to efficiency aftercooler
   Noise levels between 67-70dBa (equivalent to being stood by a main road during the day) – suitable for installation in workshops and production areas

All SOLIDair compressors make complete control easy and intuitive thanks to the integrated control panel which offers:

SOLIDcontrol unit

   Automatic selection of the optimum operating mode and motor switching cycle
   Pressure monitoring and display
   Manual pressure adjust
   Set automatic run on times
   Integral test function for outputs
   Automatic frost protection mode
   Choose auto-restart or non-reset after power failure
   Connection for Master Control System
   Control voltages (230 V / 24 V AC)
   Messages via LCD display, LEDs and contacts

   Air compressors
   Air compressors & receivers
   Air compressors, receivers & dryers

Which is the right air compressor for me? To explore your SOLIDair options and all our other air compressors and receivers, please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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